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Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags)

Brian Knobbs

Real Name - Brian Yandrisovitz
Birthdate - 6/5/65
6’1 295 lbs. - Whitehall Township, PA
Athletic Backgro
und - Wrestling (US Army)
Teacher(s) - Brad Rheingans
Aliases -
The Terrorist

Jerry Sags

Real Name - Jerome Saganovich
Birthdate - 5/7/64
6’3” 260 lbs. - Whitehall Township, PA
Athletic Background -
Football (College), Wrestling (High School)
Teacher(s) -
Brad Rheingans
Aliases -
Jerry Saganovich

Professional Background (together) - AWA(`87-`88), Memphis(`87-`88), Kansas City(`88), Florida(`89-`90), All Japan(`89), SAPW(`90), WCW(`90), WWF(`90-`93), WCW(`93-`96), XWF(`01), Indies(`01-), TNA(`10)

Peak Years - `88-`93

Finisher(s) - 

- Flying Elbowdrop [Sags]

- Running Powerslam [Knobbs]

- Double DDT

Favorites -

- Pitstop (Rubbing opponent in armpit)

- Clubberin' (Overhead Forearms in the corner)

- Double Team Corner Splash

- Double Toe Kick

- Lariat [Both]

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set5/5

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The name “Nasty Boys” is a fitting one for the tag team of Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags. The two were childhood friends from the Allentown area and after doing their own thing, they hooked up again in the AWA. They took their name for a Janet Jackson song and slowly accessorized with mohawks, leather jackets and spray-painted shirts. Many of their contemporaries have knocked them for being too stiff, too sloppy and even reckless. As a pair of streetfighters, they were able to get over with this brawling style. They were always pushed strongly as heels and worked everyone from the Rock-N-Roll Express and the Hart Foundation to the Legion of Doom and Harlem Heat. The Nasty Boys never had critically acclaimed matches, but they could put together some convincingly wild brawls without all the gimmicks. As WCW began to take off, the Nasties were pushed aside and injuries ended Jerry Sags career. Knobbs had a brief stint in WCW Hardcore division, but it did not really work out for him or the division. They had a few reunions, but are mainly retired. More recently a new generation of fans came to know Brian Knobbs through Hogan Knows Best and Celebrity Wrestling due to his longtime friendship with Hulk Hogan. The Nasty Boys certainly have a distinct legacy as a tag team. They had an unusual style, they had an unusual look and they could get over as heels.