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Naoya Ogawa

Real Name - Naoya Ogawa

Birthdate - 3/31/68

6'4" 254 lbs. - Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Athletic Background - Judo (`92 Olympics - Silver Medalist)

Teacher(s) - Tiger Mask, Antonio Inoki

Professional Background - New Japan(`96-`00), UFO, Pride(`99), Zero-One(`01-`04), Pride(`04,`05), HUSTLE(`04-`07), IGF(`07-)

AliasesHulk Ogan, Judo O, "Celeb" Ogawa

Groups - HUSTLE Army

Peak Years - `99-`05

Finisher(s) - 

- STO / Space Tornado Ogawa

- STO Bomber (Axe Bomber-STO Combo)

Favorites -

- Hip Throw

- Back Suplex

- Mid Kick

- Soccer Kick

- Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Naoya Ogawa’s career is so closely tied to the fighting culture in Japan that it almost mirrors the trends within the genre.  Ogawa rose to national fame as a judoka.  He was highly accomplished at a young age and his career in that field culminated with a silver medal win at the 1992 Olympics.  Antonio Inoki brought him into the pro-wrestling world and after great fanfare became embroiled in a mindbending feud with Shinya Hashimoto.  Their rivalry was the harbinger of a shift toward legit fighters dominating pro-wrestlers, which became a trend that nearly destroyed New Japan and the whole puroresu scene.  The Hashimoto battles were intense and awkward, giving them an aura of reality unlike anything since Inoki’s prime.  Problems with Hashimoto and the company did not end the relationship between the two as Ogawa followed Hashimoto to Zero-One and the two worked on opposite sides before forming an unlikely super-team.  Their partnership developed and the two became the top babyfaces in the over-the-top HUSTLE promotion.  Naoya Ogawa donned painted on sideburns and an outrageous costume, did his bizarre pelvic-thrusting “Hustle March” and feuded with Nobuhiko Takada as an evil cigar-smoking “Generallismo.”  While people loved his antics in HUSTLE, it was during this time that Ogawa made his most concentrated effort on mixed martial arts.  He was undefeated, but had only defeated unproved opponents or won in questionable matches.  The fans voted for him to battle Pride Heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, who defeated him in short order and MMA purists held it up as revealing Ogawa’s true status as a fighter.  Regardless of that loss, he returned to face former judo rival Hidehiko Yoshida the following year was a ratings bonanza and one of the biggest purses ever in MMA.  Ogawa retired from the sport.  He continued with HUSTLE and worked for the Inoki Genome Federation, but did little of consequence.  Naoya Ogawa, for a period of time, was one of the biggest stars in Japanese pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts.  Although he had his limitations in both realms, his strong personality and ability to hype matches made him a genuine superstar.  Although he still does pro-wrestling on occasion, Naoya Ogawa has faded in the memories of Japanese pop culture.  From the intense to the inane, his career is like no one else in the history of judo, mixed martial arts or pro-wrestling.