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Blackjack Mulligan (1939-2016)


Real Name - Robert Windham
Lifespan - 11/26/39 - 4/7/2016
6'9" 340 lbs. - Sweetwater, TX

Athletic Background - Football [NFL]; Basketball [USMC]

Teacher(s) - Joe Blanchard, Wahoo McDaniel

Professional Background - San Antonio(`67), AWA(`68-`70), WWWF(`69-`71), IWE(`70), WWA[Indianapolis](`71), AWA(`71-`73), WCCW(`73-`74), Amarillo(`74), SCW(`75), Mid-Atlantic(`75), WWWF(`75), Mid-Atlantic(`76-`81), Amarillo(`78-`80), Toronto(`80), Florida(`81), Indianapolis(`81), South Africa(`81), Mid-Atlantic(`81-`82), Knoxville[Crockett](`82), Mid-Atlantic(`84), SWCW(`84), WWF(`84), Florida(`85), WWF(`86-`87), WCW(`93)

AliasesBob Windham, Jack Mulligan, The Texan, Big Machine

Groups - The Blackjacks, The Family [Florida], The Machines

Peak Years - `73-`78

Finisher(s) - 

Favorites -
- Jumping Back Elbow
- Bodyslam
- Turnbuckle Smash
- Overhead Forearm
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Robert Windham was a giant man in his day and after a broken leg ended his NFL career he transferred to the world of pro-wrestling where he became one of the biggest stars of the 70s. He had idolized local hero Wahoo McDaniel in his high school days and his career mimicked Wahoo's in many ways. After he was unable to heal up and return to football, he began training and touring. The green big man caught a huge break when he hooked up with Blackjack Lanza in the AWA. Lanza was a veteran who had success on top in several territories and he was willing to let Bob Windham use his gimmick and they eventually formed the Blackjacks. The roughneck heel tag team toured around to great success in the early 70s and eventually Mulligan found his way to George Scott's favor in Mid-Atlantic. The company was in a transitional phase and Blackjack Mulligan ended up stepping in and becoming one of their top stars overnight since he was a very good interview and a believable threat because of his imposing size. Mulligan owned the US title and was a top draw right up until George Scott was fired and then he began jumping around and helping his sons Barry and Kendall and son-in-law Mike Rotundo. After a forgettable run as Big Machine in the WWF, Mulligan was getting up there and hung them up. He had become very wealthy from the real estate business in the late 80s, but after some tax problems he found himself in federal prison for a couple years and unfortunately Kendall joined him, which perhaps ruined his career. Blackjack Mulligan resumed his life doing a little work with WCW and pursuing various outside projects.