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Angelo Mosca


Real Name - Angelo Mosca

Birthdate - 3/13/38

6'4" 301 lbs. - Waltham, MA

Athletic Background - Football (CFL)

Teacher(s) - Stu Hart

Professional Background - Stampede(`69-`70), Vancouver(`69-`70), AWA(`71-`73), Toronto(`71), Montreal(`72-`73), Maritimes(`73), Stampede(`74-`75), San Francisco(`75), Toronto(`75-`84), Mid-Atlantic(`76), Georgia(`78), AWA(`77-`81), Mid-South(`79), Toronto(`80-`84), WWF(`81), WWC(`82), Florida(`82-`84), WWF(`84-`85), Indies(`86)

Aliases"Hercules" Angelo Mosca, King Kong Mosca

Groups - none

Peak Years - `71-`76

Finisher(s) - 

- Sleeper

- Running Powerslam

- Canadian Backbreaker

Favorites -

- Atomic Drop

- Jumping Forearm

- Stomping

- Overhead Forearm

- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Angelo Mosca is one of the most memorable Canadian Football League players ever, he became a notoriously dirty player and famed for helping the Hamilton Ti-Cats win the 1963 Grey Cup. Mosca was an excellent collegiate player, although he had been booted from two Universities (including Notre Dame) before signing with the Ti-Cats in the late 1950s. After a lengthy career in football, Mosca retired to wrestle full-time. He had been successful over the summers, but really took off during the 1970s. He became "King Kong" Mosca, a powerhouse that did well everywhere he went. Mosca was a natural heel and outside of his adopted home region (Toronto/Hamilton), he was able to get over strongly as a bully-type. His career took him to an interesting variety of territories, but Toronto and the Southeastern US were the places where he shined brightest. His son tried his hand at pro-wrestling too, but lacked his father's distict characteristics. After retiring from the active parts of the sport, Mosca spent time as a color commentator for the WWF and promoted his own cards, MoscaManias, in Hamilton.  He also famously got into a scuffle with an old gridiron rival at CFL legends luncheon in 2011, which shows just what kind of intense and competitive individual he is. Angelo Mosca may not have been the best worker or talker, but he was commanded attention and was able to turn that quality into a successful pro-wrestling career.