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Molly Holly

Real Name - Nora Kristina Greenwald Benshoof

Birthdate - 9/7/77

5'4" 140 lbs. - Forest Lake, MN

Athletic Background - Powerlifting, Gymnastics

Teacher(s) - Dean Malenko; Jeff Bradley

Professional Background - Indies(`97-`99), WCW(`99-`00), MCW(`00), WWF/WWE(`00-`05), Indies(`05-)

AliasesStarla Saxton, Nora Greenwald, Mona, Miss Madness `99, Mighty Molly, Lady Ophelia

Groups - Team Madness, The Hollys

Peak Years - `01-`04

Finisher(s) - 

- Molly-Go-Round (Somersault Bombs Away)

- Reverse Nudo Cradle

Favorites -

- Flying Body Press

- Handspring Backflip Elbow

- Flipping Neckbreaker

- Snap Suplex

- Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Women in pro-wrestling have long been subjected to sexist booking, backstage drama and limited opportunities, however Molly Holly stands out as one of the very few that reached a pinnacle that few do and did so without compromising her integrity.  After working the independents, Nora Greenwald finally caught a break in WCW as part of the Macho Man’s entourage.  Working a beauty pageant gimmick and doing highspots got her in the door, but being athletic and able to work kept her employed.  In the WWF, she was made a cousin to Hardcore and Crash Holly during the Attitude Era.  What Molly lacked in glamour and presence, she made up in her solid work with an impressive moveset.  During her time in the WWF/WWE, Molly had runs as a superhero babyface and a holier-than-thou heel.  As the latter, Molly really showed her talents.  She was a perfect antagonist for Trish Stratus, the company’s busty blonde bombshell.  Eventually, she was phased out as the company began aggressively hiring up models, dancers and actresses as “Divas.”  She was established and unwilling to travel down the path of plastic surgery, Playboy shoots and wrestling in a thong.  She left the WWE and other than a few special appearances here and there has left pro-wrestling behind.  Outside the ring, she was a devout Christian whose generosity has become well-known.  Nora Greenwald has done mission work in South America, work with the Special Olympics and has worked as a teen counselor in rehab programs and has done countless charity appearances.  While Molly Holly may never be recognized as the biggest ladies star or even the best ladies wrestler, she was successful, she did it on her own terms and she got out while she was still young and healthy.