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The Missing Link (1939-2007)

Real Name - Byron James John Robertson

Lifespan - 2/28/39 - 9/16/07

6'2" 255 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT, Canada

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Al Spittles; Billy Watson

Professional Background - Toronto(`67-`72), Pittsburgh(`67-`69), Tri-State(`73), Toronto(`74-`81), Mid-Atlantic(`79-`81), Kansas City(`81-`83), Mid-South(`83-`85), WWF(`85-`86), WCCW(`86), UWF(`86-`87), Indies(`04-`07)

AliasesDewey Robertson, The Masked Crusader, Troy Steel

Groups - Devastation Inc.

Peak Years - `81-`86

Finisher(s) - 

- Running Headbutt

- Flying Headbutt

- Figure-Four Leglock

Favorites -

- Frontslam

- Chokehold

- Headbutt to Lower Back

- Double Axe Handle

- Overhead Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set4

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - While many in pro-wrestling have two and sometimes three different stages within a career, Dewey Robertson AKA The Missing Link is an exceptional example. After training under Hamilton’s legendary Al Spittles, Robertson began his career in earnest in the area working Toronto and Pittsburgh over the first five years of his career. While Robertson was a great prospect with a great build and good size, he lacked personality. In Toronto, he was pushed as Whipper Watson’s protege, but his limitations held him back. Robertson left for seasoning and returned to Toronto under a hood and teamed with Billy Red Lyons as “The Crusaders.”  Robertson was again given that big push, but his flat personality prevented him from cracking a top spot. When a talent exchange between Frank Tunney and Jim Crockett opened a door, Robertson headed South for another chance. Paired with another legend, Buddy Rogers, Dewey Robertson spent a few more years being pushed and failing to get over.  Next, he was in Kansas City, a small territory where he continued his mediocrity.  It was really the end of the line.  He was a fifteen year veteran with experience in numerous markets and he was in his mid-forties and had never lived up to the numerous pushes he received.  In an odd leap of faith, Dewey Robertson completely transformed himself into a bizarre character known as the “Missing Link.”  A hodge-podge of gimmicks that maniacal wrestlers had used before - furry boots, wild makeup, a strange haircut and a hard head were just some that the Missing Link adopted.  He maintained his build with steroids and had some great mouthpieces like Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Skandor Akbar that helped him maintain his madman persona. Link was a hit in Mid-South, World Class and even in WWF, his home when he was featured in Sports Illustrated. Although he was at a professional high, Robertson later stated he was at a personal low with dependencies on drugs, alcohol and steroids wearing him down.  Despite peaking late in his career, the Missing Link fell into obscurity.  After the kayfabe era was gone, Robertson returned to do interviews, conventions and even released his autobiography, Bang Your Head, a year before his death.  “The Missing Link” Dewey Robertson is not the only pro-wrestler who portrayed two radically different characters, but he is definitely among the most notable.  He had received chance after chance, he had been tied to NWA Champions and he was simply never able to break through.  A complete makeover however gave him a few big years at the very end.