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Murder Inc. (Al & Tiny Mills)

Al Mills

Real Name - Adolph Mittelstadt
Lifespan -
?/?/10 - 10/7/61
6'3" 250 lbs. - Camrose, ALB
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers -
Jack Taylor
Aliases - Lord Albert Mills, Masked Zorro

Tiny Mills

Real Name - Henry Mittelstadt
Lifespan -
?/?/? - ?/?/87
6'3" 270 lbs. - Camrose, ALB
Athletic background -
Teachers - n/a
Aliases - Black Monster

Professional Background (as a team) - n/a

Peak Years - 1940s-1950s

Place in HistoryCamrose, Alberta produced two of Canada’s premier stars in Al and Tiny Mills. Al, rose to fame, as the underling of national star Jack Taylor in the 1940s. He was headlining shows throughout Western Canada when his bigger brother Tiny joined him. They immediately became one of the top heel tag teams headlining in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg during the 1950s. However, it was their stint in Toronto, one of the hottest cities in the world, that was the place where they truly solidified their place. Battling Whipper Watson, Yvon Robert and the Baillargeons, "Murder Inc.," as they were dubbed, was top team was a great pairing. Lord Albert was a ring general who could work the holds and Tiny was big brawler who followed his experienced brother’s lead. After Al’s retirement, Tiny found another partner in Stan Kowalski. A talented youngster who was floundering in Minneapolis, Kowalski’s partnership with Tiny Mills and their version of "Murder Inc." propelled him to great success in several promotions in throughout the 1960s. The Mills Brothers left an incredible imprint on the pro-wrestling scene as heels and as a tag team.