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The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey, Stan Lane)


“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
Real Name - Robert Lee Eaton
Birthdate - 8/14/58
5'11" 210 lbs. - Huntsville, AL
Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) - Tojo Yamamoto
Professional Background - Nashville(`75-`80), Georgia(`79), Memphis(`80), WCW(`90-`99), SMW(`93)
Aliases - Sir Robert Eaton

“Loverboy” Dennis Condrey
Real Name - Dennis Condrey
Birthdate - 2/1/52
5'11" 215 lbs. - Florence, AL
Athletic Background - Wrestling (High School)
Teacher(s) - Joe Turner
Professional Background - Tri-State(`72), Knoxville(`74), Nashville(`74-`77), Memphis(`77-`80), Knoxville(`79), Nashville(`80), Georgia(`80), SECW[Alabama](`80-`84), WWC(`80-`81); AWA(`87), WCW(`88), Windy City, Cont’l(`89), ICW(`89)
Aliases - Mr. Pro, Danny Condrey

“Sweet” Stan Lane
Real Name - Wallace Stansfield Lane
Birthdate - 8/5/53
6' 225 lbs. - Myrtle Beach, SC
Athletic Background - Karate
Teacher(s) - Ric Flair
Professional Background - Mid-Atlantic(`78), Amarillo(`79), Mid-South(`79), Florida(`79), Georgia(`80), Alabama(`80), Memphis(`82-`84), SWCW(`84), AWA(`84-`85), Memphis(`85), Mid-South(`86), Florida; USWA(`91), SMW(`91-`93), WWF(`94-`96), Indies(`96-`05)
Aliases - Mike Malibu, Breck Lane, Stanley Lane, Nature Boy Lane, Stan Flair 

Professional Background (together) - Mid-South(`83-`84), WCCW, NWA/JCP(`85-`89), WCW(`89-`90), Indies(`04-)

Peak Years - `83-`87

Finisher(s) - 
- Veg-o-matic (Bearhug/Flying Legdrop)
- Alabama Jam (Flying Legdrop) [Eaton]
- Midnight Massacre (Back Suplex/Flying Elbow)

Favorites -
- Rocket Launcher
- Double Goozle (Kneeclip/Lariat)
- Double Flapjack
- Drop Toe Hold/Elbowdrop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6/5/5

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The Midnight Express is one of the most famous and successful tag teams of all-time, using a combination of psychology and athleticism to reach a pinnacle that few teams before or since have reached.  As strange as it is the original “Midnight Express” stable that existed in Alabama that was the backdrop this iconic team.  Dennis Condrey headed up the gang with Randy Rose (his later partner in the "Original Midnight Express") and Norvell Austin were the crux of the gang.  It wasn’t until Condrey was partnered with the highflying Bobby Eaton and loud-mouthed Jim Cornette that the Midnight Express name returned.  In the Mid-South, the act was novel and got over huge.  "Loverboy" Dennis was a ring general with years of experience, "Beautiful" Bobby was a great worker and bumper who could make anyone look good and Cornette was the over-the-top heel manager that generated the heat to be main event heels.  The team established themselves in a feud with Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum TA had a record-setting feud across the territory with Bill Watts & Stagger Lee (a masked Junkyard Dog) and finished up after a feud with their most famous opponents the Rock-N-Roll Express.  The team was responsible for the biggest year Mid-South ever did and could basically write their ticket to any territory after that.  Next was World Class, where they had less box office success battling the Fantastics in the undercard, but had perhaps the best matches of their careers in terms of in-ring work.  Next was Jim Crockett Promotions, where they would see their greatest exposure and biggest years.  They feuded with the Rock-N-Roll Express, Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA and the Road Warriors, in battles that were memorable for a number of reasons.  The Midnight Express was at their professional peak, but various issues led to Condrey’s sudden and surprising departure.  "Sweet" Stan revitalized the team as the dynamic character Condrey never was, while the team was not as successful, this second version is bettered remembered due to their national exposure.  As the tumultuous transition for Crockett to Turner was happening, the Midnight Express was confronted by the “Original” Midnight Express (Condrey & Rose) managed by Paul E. Dangerously in a feud that was sadly aborted before it got going.  Cornette was embroiled in his own problems on WCW’s booking committee and the team was never pushed past being a midcard act.  Lane and Cornette left, Eaton stayed and the Midnight Express would only live again as a nostalgia act when reuniting in 2004.  “The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook” was released soon after and is amongst the most highly acclaimed for its unique blending of stories, artifacts and kayfabe articles.