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TAKA Michinoku

Real Name - Takao Yoshida

Birthdate - 10/26/73

5'8" 198 lbs. - Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan

Athletic Background - Wrestling, Basketball (High School); Mixed Martial Arts

Teacher(s) - Gran Hamada, Great Sasuke

Professional Background - Universal(`91-`93), Michinoku Pro(`93-`97), FMW(`93-`94), BattlARTS(`96), Pancrase(`97), ECW(`97), WWF(`97-`01), IWA-PR(`99-`01), K-Dojo(`02-), Michinoku Pro(`02-), Zero-One(`02), BJW(`03-`04), HUSTLE(`04), All Japan(`03-`10), Dragon Gate(`05), NOAH(`07), New Japan(`07,`10-)

AliasesTakecaras, Robo Michinoku, Pepe Warrior, PEPE Michinoku, Great TAKAsuke, Gay Michinoku, BLUE-K, PIZA Michinoku

Groups - Kaientai DX (Deluxe), bWo, Kaientai, F-Words, Yoshida-Ya, RO&D, Michinoku Blazers, Mexico Amigos, Kashiwa Dojo, Italian Four Horsemen, Suzuki-Gun

Peak Years - `94-`02

Finisher(s) - 

- Super K Special (Superkick)

- Just Facelock (Crossface Hold)

- Michinoku Driver (II)

- Dick Killer (Arm-trapped Crossface Hold)

- Just Facelock 2006 (Modified Crossface Hold)

- Super K2 (Jumping Sidekick)

- Michinoku Driver (I)

Favorites -

- Springboard Plancha

- Asai Moonsault

- Springing Corner Knee

- Eye Poke

- Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In the early 1990s, junior heavyweights in Japan revolutionized the landscape of pro-wrestling. Blending Japanese puroresu with Mexican lucha libre created a style that was dynamic and exciting. The first wave of these wrestlers became legends and the second wave reaped the benefits of the establishment that the trail blazers had created.  Tadao Yoshida was a skinny kid who took a modified version of his mentor’s original name and became TAKA Michinoku.  More significantly, TAKA became one of the best pure highflyers in the world.  In Michinoku Pro, TAKA became a unique heel as part of the Kaientai stable.  He played an arrogant punk who was disrespectful and believed that his incredible talent made him better than those around him.  As the company took off, its talent became commodities and eventually found themselves wanted throughout the pro-wrestling world.  While the Great Sasuke was being courted by the WWF, it was TAKA and later his friend Sho Funaki that stayed.  Michinoku was in his physical prime and should have been a top junior heavyweight in Japan, but instead he was making great money while doing comedy acts and job matches in the US.  He eventually settled in Puerto Rico, set up a dojo and began preparing the talent that he would build a company in Japan with after his contract was up.  That company, Kaientai Dojo, was slowly built up as its wrestlers gathered experience. TAKA was its main star and helped foster some very good young talent.  He also began working extensively and his connections to other companies created some in-roads for his trainees.  TAKA Michinoku had several solid runs, but he began transitioning into a more managerial type role with RO&D in All Japan and Suzuki-Gun in New Japan.  He is well past his prime and works a much easier style and relies a lot on his established personality.  TAKA Michinoku, though remembered in the States very differently, was an amazing highflyer who was a key player in the innovative Michinoku Pro organization.  His K-Dojo organization and students are good on their smaller scale and some have gone on to bigger and better things.