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Earl McCready (1908 - 1983)

Real NameEarl McCready
Lifespan6/15/1908 - 12/9/1983
?' 238 lbs. - Landsdowne, Ontario 

Athletic BackgroundWrestling (1928 Olympic Team; 3 NCAA titles; British Empire Games - Gold Medal); Football (Oklahoma A&M) 

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - n/a

AliasesMr. X

Peak Years1933-1944

Place in History - Earl McCready is considered by many to be the greatest amateur wrestler that Canada ever produced. He grew up on a Saskatchewan farm and became a top flight wrestler in the late 1920s. McCready claimed a national championship in 1926 and went on to become the first man to win three NCAA Championships while at Oklahoma A&M (late Oklahoma State) in 1928, 1929 and 1930. His Olympic hopes never worked out, he turned professional in 1930 and was quickly hotshotted to the top of the cards. One of his mentors was national hero Jack Taylor, who put him over in 1933 by dropping the national championship to him. Over the next decade, McCready became one of the premier heavyweights all over the British Empire - England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and his home country of Canada. McCready had a few stints in the United States and eventually retired in Washington state, but never made the impact that might have. This prevented him from becoming immortalized alongside contemporaries within pro-wrestling lore. A car accident and problems with diabetes slowed him dramatically in the late 1940s. McCready retired relatively quietly to became a massage therapist and he lost both of his legs in the last part of his life before a heart attack took his life in 1983. Earl McCready was one of the best heavyweight wrestlers of the first half of the twentieth century and had a stellar pro-wrestling career as well.