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Matt Hardy

Real Name - Matthew Moore Hardy

Birthdate - 9/23/74

6'1" 220 lbs. - Cameron, NC

Athletic Background - Football, Baseball (High School)

Teacher(s) - Italian Stallion; Dory Funk Jr. (Funkin' Dojo)

Professional Background - Indies(`93-`98), WWF/WWE(`98-`05), Indies(`05), ROH(`05), WWE(`05-`10), TNA(`11), Indies(`11-), ROH(`12-`14), TNA(`14-)

AliasesHigh Voltage, Surge, Ignitus

Groups - The New Brood, Team Xtreme, Immortal, S.C.U.M.

Peak Years - `00-`08

Finisher(s) - 

- Twist of Fate (Chancery into Ace Crusher)

- Ice Pick / Scar (Body Scissored Butterfly Lock)

Favorites -

- Hardy Legdrop/Downfall Legdrop (Second Turnbuckle Legdrop)

- Side Effect (Seated Rock Bottom)

- Ricochet (Back Suplex into Elbowdrop)

- Corner Lariat - Bulldog Combo

- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Matt Hardy has been able to reinvent himself numerous times throughout his career.  While he and his brother Jeff might be best known as that Attitude Era tag team that pushed the envelope with their daredevil stunts, they have been able to move past those characters.  They started as backyard wrestlers who started their own promotion and started creating some buzz.  OMEGA, despite its two year existence, helped launch numerous careers, including the Hardy Boyz themselves and it was largely Matt’s brainchild.  They made it to the WWF and they adjusted their looks, their style and added Lita as a manager.  It all clicked.  Jeff was a dynamic personality with an exciting offense, while Matt was the solid foundation for the team.  It was short-lived.  The company split them up and Matt Hardy reinvented himself the comedic “Version 1” heel.  A real-life drama between he, his real-life girlfriend Lita and friend Edge, turned into a surreal angle.  It launched Edge to the top, but the company was never able to figure out Matt Hardy’s place.  While he languished in some storylines that failed to elevate him, he developed into a tremendous television wrestler whose ability to get the most out of opponents and have consistently strong matches made him a real asset for the WWE.  They pushed him to the top of their third brand, ECW, but Matt Hardy was shuffled around, plagued by injuries and more bad booking.  He continually wanted to recreate himself with an updated persona, however, Hardy Boyz reunions always captured the interest of the fans.  Matt left the WWE in 2010 and continued his quest to become a top level star.  His “Iconic” character, a self-centered, brand-conscious champion, gained some traction.  In 2016, Matt Hardy took himself to another level as “Broken” Matt Hardy.  His disheveled look, his streak of white hair and his bizarre accent and vocabulary combined with his wife Reby Sky and son Max at his side transformed Matt in a way he never attempted previously.  He and Jeff, whom he called “Brother Nero,” feuded in a series of videos with production costs and approaches that really caused some talk in the age of viral videos.  It was all within a dying company, TNA, which is befitting of Matt Hardy’s career.  Matt Hardy might be compared to Eddie Gilbert.  His motivation and creativity helped him achieve beyond his size and athletic ability, but his big opportunities always seemed to end with an injury or some out-of-the-ring misfortune.