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Rick Martel


Real Name - Richard Vigneault
Birthdate - 3/18/56
6' 236 lbs. - Quebec City, Quebec

Athletic Background - Hockey, Wrestling [High School]

Teacher(s) - Pierre Martel; Stu Hart; Mark Lewin

Professional Background - Maritimes(`72-`7?), Quebec, Stampede(`74), New Zealand(`77-`79), WWC, Texas, Hawaii(`78), All Japan,Vancouver(`79-`80), Portland(`79-`80), WWF(`80-`81), IWA(`81-`85), AWA(`84-`85), IWA[Montreal](`84-`85), Portland(`85-`86), IWA(`86), WWF(`87-`95), Indies(`93-`97), WCW(`97-`98)

Aliases - none

Groups - The Martels 

Peak Years - `79-`87

Finisher(s) - 
- Boston Crab
- High Cross Body

Favorites -
- Swan Dive (Slingshot Splash)
- Backbreaker
- Backdrop
- Dropkick
- Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Rick Martel, like many of the territorial era, had two distinctive careers.  The first was that of a whitemeat babyface whose great look and fire made him a success anywhere he went.  Martel played that role for nearly two decades.  That culminated with his AWA Championship tenure.  While he had great success in that role in smaller, working man territories, Martel struggled in the big leagues. The AWA was on the decline and he eventually left for the WWF. His team with Tom Zenk could've made him, but fell apart and the following partnership with Tito Santana was very good, but lacked the same potential. Then, Rick Martel made the switch and as "The Model" enjoyed the heel run he knew he was capable of having.  The veteran worker was paired with many rising babyfaces and was a great commodity for the WWF.  He would eventually head to WCW and had a very good midcard run in his forties that left a final stamp on his long and successful career.