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Everett Marshall (1905 - 1973)

Real NameEverett Oldham Marshall
Lifespan11/4/1905 - 2/10/1973
?? 218 lbs. - La Junta, CO

Athletic BackgroundWrestling (University of Iowa), Football (High School)

Teacher(s) - n/a

Aliases - none

Peak Years - 1930s

Place in HistoryThe fragmented pro-wrestling scene prior to the existence of the NWA allowed for many regional stars to rise up and become world title claimants.  Everett Marshall, out of Colorado, was one of these type.  A rancher’s son with nature physical tools that played well on a wrestling mat, Marshall had some college-level wrestling experience, but pro-wrestling ballyhoo made him out as the next big thing.  Promoter Billy Sandow took the young talent under his wing and pushed him hard.  After some battles with Gus Sonnenburg and “Strangler” Lewis, Marshall was a very well-established star and he traveled across the US meeting and doing the favors for Jim Londos.  That time period produced a cadre of talented, colorful and legendary characters and Everett Marshall was one of them.   A classic babyface with blond hair, an excellent physique and a clean-cut look, Marshall was the sort that could appeal to fans anywhere in the country.  He worked with most of the top names of the 1930s as well as top stars of the 1920s that preceded him and 1940s that followed him.  Men like Lou Thesz, Orville Brown and Ray Steele were regular opponents that he put over on his way out.  He mainly settled back in Colorado, save a short run in the mid-40s, where he became a successful farmer, rancher and co-founder of the Colorado Boys Ranch, which is still in existence.  Everett Marshall was a well-respected wrestler who was key in the game’s transition from being a semi-legit contest to a carefully crafted exhibition, he was a significant drawing card throughout his career and an important supporting player.