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Dutch Mantell


Real Name - 

Wayne Maurice Keown

Birthdate - 11/29/49

6'2" 225 lbs. - Nashville, TN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - All-South(`72-`74), Texas(`74-`76),  Knoxville(`74), Nashville(`74), GCCW(`76), Memphis(`76-`79), Nashville(`78), WWC(`79-`80), Georgia(`81), Memphis(`81-`86), Mid-South(`85), Cont'l(`86,`87), Memphis(`89), WWC(`94), WWF(`94), USWA(`97), WWC(`99-`00), IWA(`00-`03), TNA(`03-`09), Indies(`09-`12), WWE(`13-)

AliasesWayne Cowan, Dutch Bass, Chris Gallagher, Texas Dirt, Uncle Zebekiah, Zeb Colter

Groups - First Family [Memphis], Stud Stable [Cont'l], The Desperados, La Familia de Milenio

Peak Years - `78-`86

Finisher(s) - 
- Powerslam

Favorites - 
- Atomic Drop
- Jumping Elbowdrop
- Short Lariat
- European Uppercutt
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - 

When Dutch Mantell reappeared on WWE television in 2013 as Zeb Colter, a heel manager who spewed xenophobic Tea Party rhetoric, it seemed like a short term deal.  However, the character got over so strongly, Colter was turned into a regular character.  It should be no surprise, after being semi-retired from in-ring wrestling, Mantell had spent years as a booker for both the IWA and WWC in Puerto Rico as well as in TNA.  Following time serving in Vietnam, Wayne Keown began his career working undercards through the South.  His rivalry with Ted Oates in Ann Gunkel’s All-South promotion are still remembered.  Named “Dutch Mantell” by Buddy Fuller for a turn of the century wrestler who gained fame in Texas, he too became nicknamed the "Flying Dutchman" though he was not a highflyer, not from the Netherlands and not even from Texas as he was billed throughout his career.  "Dirty" Dutch was a crude looking brawler who could play his character masterfully and was one of the best promos of his era.  He enjoyed runs as a roughneck heel and tough babyface. Although he had good runs in a few places, Dutch Mantell achieved the bulk of his success in Tennessee and Puerto Rico.  In Memphis, Dutch was fortunate to be in the territory as it was heating up and became a staple character there as a result.  He had a fertile mind and was contributing back then and became notable for his eye for young talent like Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Sting and the Ultimate Warrior.  Although Mantell is often tied to Memphis, his greatest success was in Puerto Rico.  He and Frankie Laine formed a famed tag team there in the late 70s and he would be a regular on the island for decades.  After the territorial scene dried up, Mantell became a booker in the WWC and then their upstart competition the IWA.  Pro-wrestling had been popular on the island for decades, but the war between the companies made Puerto Rico the hottest spot for the sport in the world.  Mantell relied on simple stories, strong characters and bloody battles.  As things began to cool and the scene in the US began to change, Dutch came back and worked behind the scenes at TNA for several years.  Then he ended up in the WWE for another managerial run with the company, this time it worked in a big way.  Still wearing his trademark facial hair and cutting incredible promos, Zeb Colter got over and got his charges over.  Dutch Mantell is a classic character of a bygone era who managed to reinvent his role within the changing landscape.  His experience has made him an invaluable mentor to a great many talents and few of his generation have been able to contribute more positively to the modern business.