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Real Name - Debrah Ann Miceli (born “Debra Lewandowski”)

Birthdate - 2/9/64

5’10” 150 lbs. - Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Background - Gymnastics, Track & Field; Kickboxing; Monster Jam

Teacher(s) - Eddie Sharkey

Professional Background - AWA(`86-`89), AJW(`89-`91), TWA(`91), WCW(`91-`93), WWC(`93), WWF(`93-`95), WCW(`95-`01)

AliasesMadusa Miceli, Alundra Blayze

Groups - Dangerous Alliance, Team Madness

Peak Years - `93-`97

Finisher(s) - 

- German Suplex

- Airplane Spin

Favorites -

- Corner Headstand Head Scissors

- Missile Dropkick from the second turnbuckle

- Jumping Inverted Faceslam

- Huracanrana

- Spin Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Madusa Miceli came into the pro-wrestling business at a perfect moment.  She was able to break in and work in the AWA, gaining that initial seasoning with Sherri Martel, Peggy Lee Leather and other girls that is so important.  Fortunately for her, All Japan Women was still running steady and she was able to spend time there.  Although Madusa was never on the level of the top female talent in Zenjo, she improved and brought a level of experience and confidence back to the US that was so important.  Unfortunately, the scene was not really ready for a serious female product.  The veterans, like Lelani Kai and Judy Martin, were talented but unmarketable and past their primes, while her contemporaries, like Bambi and Luna Vachon, were not at the level to build something substantial.  Madusa was part of the Dangerous Alliance and continued to grow as a performer in more of a managerial role.  Everything finally lined up in the WWF.  She was given a big push as a legitimate wrestler, Alundra Blayze, who was the unquestionable number one female in the company for nearly two years.  In addition to being packaged credibly, she was given quality opposition once she was established in her role.  Bull Nakano, Luna Vachon, Bertha Faye (Rhonda Singh) and Aja Kong were the ideal monsters for Alundra to slay.  The overall product was cold though and financially struggling, so they released her from her contract.  WCW came calling and she showed up on one of the first Nitro broadcasts and tossed her WWF Women’s Title in the trash.  WCW gave Madusa some of the same opportunities as the WWF had.  Bull, Luna and Akira Hokuto were brought in and she was the featured female performer.  As the Monday Night Wars raged on, it became apparent that sex appeal and over-the-top gimmicks were the nature of the game.  Madusa went with the trend for a while on TV and although it was an unfortunate end to her in-ring career, she was also training girls at the Power Plant.  The opportunity to transition full-time to the world of monster trucks came and she took it.  In this new life, Madusa found great success and was finally able to achieve at the level of her male counterparts.