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Lex Luger


Real Name - Lawrence Pfohl
Birthdate - 6/2/58
6'5" 265 lbs. - Chicago, IL

Athletic Background - Bodybuilding[WBF]; Football [CFL, NFL, USFL]; Basketball [High School]

Teacher(s) - Hiro Matsuda

Professional Background - Florida(`85-`87), NWA(`87-`89), WCW(`99-`91), WWF(`93-`95), WCW(`95-`01), WWA, NWA-TNA

Aliases - none

Groups - Four Horsemen, Dudes with Attitudes, nWo Wolfpack, Millionaires' Club, Magnificent Seven

Peak Years - `87-`92

Finisher(s) - 
Torture Rack
- Piledriver

Favorites -
- Jumping Forearm
- Powerslam
- Lariat
- Press Slam
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Lex Luger has long been one of pro-wrestling’s most prominent examples of the many drawbacks to giving big pushes to bodybuilder-types who are not passionate about the sport.  Throughout his career he was catered to because of his tremendous physique and perceived potential after the success of Hulk Hogan.  While he never reached that pinnacle, the career of Lex Luger cannot wholly be deemed a failure.  An unsuccessful football player who fell into the sport like so many others, Luger was a magazine darling and given push after push as he worked his way up the ladder.  Like Kerry Von Erich before him, Luger had natural athleticism, but lacked in other areas.  By 1988, he was able to have great main event matches and had all the makings of a huge star.  He like Sting and like the Ultimate Warrior was seen as a future Hulk Hogan.  In WCW, it never worked out as a babyface or even as a heel.  In the WWF, he was given similar opportunities, but he was a limited performer without superstar charisma and the company was at a low point in its history.  He returned to WCW as they were on the rise and was a key player during the Monday Night Wars.  Although he was not at the in-ring level of his first WCW run, Lex Luger offered more in the way of star power and rose to the occasion when called upon.  The death of WCW basically ended Luger’s career and his life went into a tragic tailspin with his girlfriend Elizabeth dying of a drug overdose, his subsequent legal and financial problems and recent health problems.  Lex Luger, who was once one of the biggest stars of the sport and one of the most physically impressive, is now a fallen star whose legacy will always be tainted.