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Bronko Lubich & Aldo Bogni

Bronko Lubich (1925-2007)

Real Name - Bronko Sandor Lupsity

Birthdate - 12/25/1925 - 9/11/2007

6' ??? lbs. - Battony, Hungary

Athletic background - Wrestling
Teachers -
Harry Madison, Mike Dimitre
Professional background - n/a
Aliases - Alexis Bruga

Aldo Bogni (1918-1997)

Real Name - Aldo Bogni

Birthdate - 1/29/18 - ?/?/97

6'3" 251 lbs. - Buenes Aires, Argentina

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - n/a
Aliases - Argentina Bogni, Don Aldo Bogni, Bronco Corleone, The Scorpion, Super Pro

Professional Background (as a team) - Mid-Atlantic(`63-`67), Florida(`67-`68)

Peak Years - `65-`67

Place in HistoryPro-wrestling in the Carolinas for many years meant tag team wrestling.  The formula worked well and many famed teams of the era came to the area to be featured stars.  Aldo Bogni and Bronko Lubich with their managers Homer O’Dell and later George Harris were one of the great heel acts for Jim Crockett Promotions.  Bogni was an Italian Argentine who worked as a journeyman throughout the 1950s.  He had good size for the era, but was never given a substantial push as promoters played up either his Italian or Argentinian heritage.  Lubich was a Hungarian-Canadian who caught his first break as Angelo Poffo’s valet.  He and Poffo eventually teamed up and both were solid journeymen throughout the 1950s.  In 1963, Bogni and Lubich were first partnered up in the Carolinas and went on to have a great run, especially when Colonel Homer O’Dell took up with them.  They were foreign menaces billed from Argentina and Yugoslavia respective, which allowed them to garner heat with the Southern crowds.  O’Dell put them over the top as tremendous heat-getter with his smugness, tuxedo getup and trademark cane always at his side.  Bogni and Lubich defeated Eddie Graham and Sam Steamboat for the Southern Tag titles and soon became embroiled in a main event feud with George Becker and Johnny Weaver.  The Mid-Atlantic region had so many great tag teams and Bogni & Lubich enjoyed their time in the mix.  O’Dell sold the contracts of his charges to George “Two Ton” Harris to give the act a fresh coat of paint.  O’Dell did his share of six-man tags, but Harris was a willing bumper and added something to the act.  Bogni and Lubich moved on to Florida and became a top heel tag team there as well.  They split their in-ring partnership soon after, Bogni split his time between wrestling in Georgia and managing Lubich and new partner Chris Markoff in Florida for a time.  Bogni worked some in Florida as an underneath talent before ending his career.  Lubich transitioned to working as a referee, before finding his way to Dallas, where he was a fixture for many years as a referee and Fritz Von Erich’s right-hand man until World Class’s end.  The tag team of Aldo Bogni and Bronko Lubich is one of the unheralded acts from the glory days of tag teams in Jim Crockett Promotions.  They were effective heels and effective opponents opposite Becker & Weaver, the Scott Brothers and others that allowed them to main event around the circuit for several years.