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Love Brothers (Hartford & Reginald)

Hartford Love
Real Name -

Wes Hutchings

Birthdate - n/a

6' 210 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - Benny Lima
Professional background - n/a
Aliases - none

Reginald Love (1927 - 2018)
Real Name - 

John "Johnny" Evans

Lifespan - ?/?/1927 - 1/7/2018

5'11" 200 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - Benny Lima
Professional background - n/a
Aliases - Rotten Reggie Love

Professional Background (as a team) - n/a

Aliases - The Hangmen

Peak Years - 70s

Place in History


ro-wrestling sees all kinds of colorful characters, literally and figuratively. The Love Brothers were more the former, but had enough of the latter to become a success act in their day. In the late 1960s, Wes Hutchings and Johnny Evans were working out together and began tagging and clicked. When they had an opening in the NWF, where they became a pair of hippies at the tail-end of the Love-and-Peace Movement of the 1960s. Although they might have endeared themselves in other circles, in pro-wrestling, they were huge heels. The day laborer fans throughout the Steel Belt were the kind of traditionalist men's men who hated the hippies with their psychedelic clothes, love beads and pretentious attitudes. They were called Hartford and Reginald Love and they became hot properties from that point forward. Though the gimmick was enough to get over, the Love Brothers could work. Reggie was the ring general in their non-stop attacks on a fallen babyface. The Love Brothers knew all the tricks and they could garner great heat. They had a strong run before Reggie called it quits. Hartford wrestled for another ten years before retiring himself. The Love Brothers set a standard for both heel gimmicks and heel tag wrestling. Although the hippy gimmick was used to greater notoriety by Superstar Billy Graham, the Love Brothers predated him. Although teams like the Midnight Express and the Brainbusters became fabled for tag wrestling techniques, the Love Brothers (who were contemporaries of the innovative Minnesota Wrecking Crew) were perfected those tactics years before. The Love Brothers legacy is largely hampered by much of their time being spent working in the same promotions, which were either second-rate or not in their prime years. However, they were undeniably successful anywhere they worked. Tag team wrestling is best when two men work well together, work well with their opponents, know their roles and the story to tell and Hartford and Reginald Love were successful on all accounts.