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Jose Lothario (1934-2018)


Real Name - Guadalupe Garcia Robledo
Birthdate - 12/12/1934 - 11/6/2018
5'7" 245 lbs. - San Antonio, TX

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Mexico(50s), Gulf Coast(`60-`61), Arizona(`61-`62), AWA(San Francisco)(`63-`64), Florida(`66-`68), Texas(`69-`70), Florida(`70-`71), Texas(`71-`73), L&G(`75), WWC(`75-`76), Texas(`75-`78), Tri-State(`78-`79), World Class(`79-`81), Monterrey(`81), Houston(`84), Indies(`86), WWF(`96-`97)

Aliases - Texas Ranger

Peak Years - `68-`75

Place in HistoryJose Lothario’s name largely rings a bell with fans of the past 25 years as the trainer and briefly the manager of Shawn Michaels.  While that quite the accomplishment that might just be the capstone in a legendary career.  Lothario worked throughout the South in the 1960s and 1970s.  An excellent fiery babyface, Lothario had a believability that other Mexican-bred wrestlers often lacked.  While he was frequently paired with luchadors, Lothario was not one himself.  He was a solid worker who could serve as a nice match to rudos like Black Gordman and Gran Markus, bigger heels like Johnny Valentine and Stan Stasiak or heat-drawing heels like Boris Malenko  and the Monroes.  Lothario’s serious promos where he spoke half English and half Spanish got over huge in that era.  In addition to his success in markets with a portion of the audience being Spanish-speaking fans, Jose Lothario became a huge star in Puerto Rico in the days before Carlos Colon and company.  Lothario slowed down by the mid-1980s and that was about the time that he broke in his most famous pupil, although he also trained Gino Hernandez and broke his son Pete into the business as well.  He is amongst the most successful Mexicans outside of Mexico and has truly contributed to pro-wrestling in many significant ways.