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Long Riders (Scott & Bill Irwin)

Scott Irwin

Real Name - Scott K. Irwin

Birthdate - 5/14/52 - 9/5/87

6’1" - 230 lbs. - Duluth, MN

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - Verne Gagne

Professional Background - AWA(`76), Georgia(`76), Mid-Atlantic(`77-`78), WWWF(`78), Florida(`79), Mid-South(`80-`81), Cont’l(`82), Georgia(`82)
Aliases -
Lumberjack Eric, Thor the Viking, Super Destroyer, Super Destroyer #2

Wild Bill Irwin

Real Name - Barney William “Bill” Irwin

Birthdate - 9/17/54

6’1" - 230 lbs. - Duluth, MN

Athletic background - Hockey

Teachers - Verne Gagne; Scott Irwin

Professional background - Mid-Atlantic(`78), Georgia(`78), Kansas City(`79),  Florida(`79), WCCW(`79), All Japan(`80), Memphis(`80), Stampede(`81), UWF(`86), Indies(`87-`89), WCW(`89), GWF(`91-`92), WCW(`93), WWF(`96), Indies(`96-)

Aliases - Super Destroyer, Super Destroyer #1, Dr. Bill Irwin, The Goon

Professional Background (together) - Georgia(`82), WCCW(`83-`84), Georgia(`84-`85),  AWA(`85-`86), Montreal(`86)

Groups - Devastation Inc.

Peak Years - `83-`86

Finisher(s) - 

- Superplex [Both]

- Pump Kick [Bill]

Favorites -

- Suplex [Both]

- Bodyslam [Scott]

- Headbutt Drop [Scott]

- Lariat [Bill]

- Big Boot [Scott]

- Overhead Forearm [Both]

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7/6

Intangibles Rating - 

 Heat 7
 Legacy 5

Place in History - Pro-wrestlers often have two, three or more “lives” within their career, in which they find success with different personas, however it is a rare that a tag team do that.  Scott Irwin and his younger brother Bill not only achieved that, but the brothers had success separate from that tag team as well.  Scott Irwin was broken in by Verne Gagne and had his first notable success as half of the Yukon Lumberjacks in the WWWF.  He eventually developed a masked heel gimmick, the Super Destroyer, in Florida along the lines of the Spoiler who had used the same name throughout the Southeast.  As the master of the Superplex and tag partner of the Masked Superstar, Scott Irwin’s career really took off.  Meanwhile, Wild Bill was gaining his seasoning out West and becoming a heel cowboy type.  The two began teaming in Georgia as the Super Destroyers before heading to Dallas where they were a solid midcard tag team as World Class was reaching its peak as a promotion.  Over the next three years, the Irwin brothers worked mainly in Dallas, Atlanta and Minneapolis as both the Super D’s and as the unmasked Long Riders.  The latter gimmick saw them as a pair of brawling bikers with long hair and jeans who were perhaps an even better heel team.  While the Irwins were never pushed as a top tag team, they were always a strong supporting team in three of hottest territories of that era.  Tragically, Scott Irwin’s life ended in 1987 due to a brain tumor and Bill was never at that level again.  He worked indies, had some short runs in WCW and the WWF, but became known more as an loud-mouth jobber in cowboy or hockey gimmicks than anything else.  The Irwin Brothers are one of the under-appreciated tag teams of their day who were behind two distinct, quality pairs as the Super Destroyers and the Long Riders.