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Jushin "Thunder" Liger


Real Name - Keiichi Yamada
Birthdate - 11/10/64
5'7" 207 lbs. - Hiroshima, Japan

Athletic Background - Wrestling (High School)

Teacher(s) - Kotetsu Yamamoto, Tatsumi Fujinami, Yoshiaki Fujiwara [New Japan Dojo]; Stu Hart, Mr. Hito (Tokyo Joe)

Professional Background - New Japan(`84-), All-Star[Britain](`87), Stampede(`87), WCW(`91;`95;`96;`99), AAA(`94; `00), Pancrase(`02), NOAH(`02;`03;`04;`09), ROH(`04), TNA(`05;`06), CMLL(`07;`09;`10-`11)

AliasesKeiichi Yamada, "Flying" Fuji Yamada, Kishin Liger, Harakiri Katana #2, Masked CTU-L

Groups - CTU (Control Terrorism Unit), Black New Japan, Legend-Gun

Peak Years -`90 - `96 

Finisher(s) - 
- Liger Bomb
- Super Brainbuster
- Shooting Star Press
- Shotei
- Air Scissors drop (Thesz Press)
- Implant DDT
- Liger Suplex (Cradling Back Suplex)
- Running Liger Bomb
- CTB [Crash Thunder Buster] (Back Suplex into Facebuster)
- Brainbuster

Favorites -
- Plancha
- Powerbomb
- Flying Headbutt
- Rito Romero Special
- Rolling Koppou Kick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Jushin "Thunder" Liger simply has to be on anyone's short list of greatest "junior heavyweight" wrestlers of all-time.  His fame within Japan, his success abroad, his in-ring ability, his leadership and influence within the style are all irrefutable reasons for his consideration s a legend.  His road to the top mimicked that of his predecessor, Tiger Mask, although his background was as a top national amateur wrestler.  Keiichi Yamada gained seasoning abroad and returned to adopt a manga-inspired persona.  His outrageous costume matched by his innovative style allowed him to quickly assume the top spot in New Japan's junior heavyweight division.  Once firmly establishing himself, Jushin Liger led the charge in junior heavyweight wrestling in Japan.  He pushed for more focus on the division, including the groundbreaking J-Cup series; he helped smaller promotions, like Michinoku Pro, Osaka Pro and Toryumon to name a few; he put over and established dozens of his peers.  Aside from those achievements within Japan, Liger had tours of Mexico and the US that second to only Keiji Muto's in their success.  Jushin Liger, also like Muto, has tried to modify his persona over the years with as the villainous Black Liger, violent Kishin Liger and the heavyweight version of Jushin Liger.  He even did a shootfight in Pancrase.  In nearly twenty-five years as the Jushin "Thunder" Liger character, he has been able to revolutionize junior heavyweight wrestling in Japan in ways that no one else has or will.