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Lars Anderson


Real Name - Lawrence George "Larry" Heinemi
Birthdate - 3/14/39
Ht' " Wt lbs. - Grand Rapids, MN

Athletic Background - Wrestling [St. Cloud State]

Teacher(s) - Verne Gagne, Eddie Sharkey

Professional BackgroundAWA(`65-`66), Nashville(`66), Mid-Atlantic(`66), AWA(`66), Georgia(`66-`67), Mid-Atlantic(`67-`68), Georgia(`67), AWA(`68-`69), Mid-Atlantic(`69) Australia(`69), AWA(`69-`72), JWA(`70), San Francisco(`72-`73), IWE(`73), AWA(`73-`75), IWA(`75), Georgia(`77-`80), Florida(`77-`78), Georgia(`78-`80), Hawaii(`82-`88), New Zealand(`83), WLW[Hawaii](`96-`00)

Aliases - Larry Heinemi, Mr. Hawaii

Peak Years - `67-`75

Place in History - Whether he was Larry Heinemi or Lars Anderson, he was one of the best, yet most underappreciated heels of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Heinemi was an exceptional amateur wrestler who went to Verne Gagne's camp to try his hand at the pro ranks.  He began working with another amateur-turned-pro named Gene Anderson and the two clicked.  After breaking in, Larry and Gene headed to Tennessee as a pair.  The Andersons, Lars and Gene, a pair of tough brothers from the frozen Upper-Midwest, hit their stride in the Southeast.  The Minnesota Wrecking Crew as they became known had a simple act.  They worked a hard style, they cut off the ring, they brutalized babyfaces and they got over big as a heel act.  Gene was the ring general and Lars was a good hand who had a great mouth.  The team got over huge in Georgia and Mid-Atlantic opposite George Becker & Johnny Weaver, the Torres Brothers and the Flying Scotts.  In 1968, another Anderson was introduced.  "Rock" Rogowski was  remarkably like Lars, he was a former amateur from St. Cloud State who had been broken in by Verne Gagne and would develop into a very good heel who could deliver some of the best interviews around.  Rogowski became "Ole" and after a few months, Lars left for the AWA and only returned on occasion.  He spent the next few years mainly working as a tag team wrestler with partners like Larry Hennig, Paul DeMarco and his life-long friend Buddy Wolff.  Sometimes working as Lars Anderson, sometimes working under his real name, he toured all over and had varying levels of success.  Heinemi was a talented heel, but has been knocked as being selfish and unscrupulous by some.  He worked with and ran a number of "outlaw" groups over the years and was part of an extortion lawsuit following the death of Polynesian Pro (where he was the long-time booker), which undoubtedly put him on the opposite side of a number of people in the pro-wrestling business.  Although he has been kind of tucked away in history as the original, but lesser partner of Gene Anderson, Larry Heinemi should be remembered as one of the great promos, one of the most consistant heels and one of the great minds of his era.