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La Parka

Real Name - Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza

Birthdate - 1/4/66

6’ 216 lbs. - Hermosillo, SO, Mexico

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - America Salvaje, Resplandor

Professional Background - Indies(`87-`9?), AAA(`95-)

AliasesBello Sexy, Maligno, Crater, Santa Esmeralda, Karis la Momia, La Parka Jr., Duro

Groups - Los Junior Atomicos, El Inframundo

Peak Years - `01-`06

Finisher(s) - 

- Small Package

- La Tapatia

- Fujiwara Armbar

Favorites -

- Eye of the Hurricane

- Suicide Dive

- Quebradora

- Lariat

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set4

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Only a select few have been able to do what the second man known as “La Parka” has been able to do.  While pro-wrestling has a history of copycat personas from the Terrible Turk, Ali Baba and such in the early days, there were imitators of Gorgeous George and Jack Pfefer’s notorious sound-alikes and in more recent times it has been more difficult to do.  Mexico has certainly had its share of luchadors using the identities of other luchadors, but it might be the masked Mr. Wrestling II in Georgia who was probably the most famous and most successful at it. In the past fifteen years, the man in AAA using the name “La Parka” has been able to make a name for himself and not be seen as simply a bad clone of the previous La Parka (now LA Park).  In late 1996, he showed up in AAA as La Parka Jr., teaming up with other junior technicos. A ten year veteran by that point, he was not only capable in the ring, but he was using one of promoter Antonio Pena’s most beloved personas. The exodus of talent from the company, including the original La Parka, gave him an opportunity to quickly become a top technico. The original La Parka was sued by AAA over the character, not unlike several other Pena creations, and they both dropped the “Jr.” and gave the newer La Parka a tremendous push.  He main evented TripleManias, won five Rey de Reyes tournaments (more than anyone else) and took the masks of top rudos Cibernetico and Muerte Cibernetica (El Mesias). In a strange way, La Parka’s place became that of a AAA stalwart along with Octagon who had been with the company since the beginning. The death of Antonio Pena, the toll of the style and schedule and the fact that he was entering his forties were all factors in his role being downshifted as the decade came to an end. He did have a bizarre feud with LA Park, returned to his rivalry with Cibernetico and has been kept around, but he has slowed down significantly.  Interestingly, La Parka has become known as the ideal company man and LA Park has become a true freelance renegade.