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Buddy Landel (1961-2015)


Real Name - Buddy Landel (born “William Ansor”)

Lifespan -9/17/1961 - 6/22/2015

6’ 235 lbs. - Knoxville, TN

Athletic Background - Wrestling, Football, Baseball [High School]

Teacher(s) - Barry O; Boris Malenko

Professional Background - IWC(`79-`83), WWC(`80), SWCW(`80) , Sunbelt(`81), WWC(`83), Memphis(`83), JCP(`83), Mid-South(`84-`85), GCW(`85), JCP(`85), Memphis(`86), Cont'l(`87), Indies(`87-`90), WWC(`88), WCW(`90), Indies(`91-`92), GWF(`91), SMW(`92), Indies(`92-`94), WWC(`92-`93), NOW(`93), USWA(`93), SMW(`94-`95), WWF(`95), WWC(`96), Indies(`97-`01)

AliasesWilliam Ansor, Buddy Roop, Buddy Landell

Groups - Akbar’s Army

Peak Years - `83-`87

Finisher(s) - 

- Figure-Four Leglock

- Corkscrew Elbow

Favorites -

- Bodyslam

- Kneedrop

- Measured Punch

- Knee to Gut

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set5

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Buddy Landel is arguably the poster boy for squandered opportunities in pro-wrestling.  For about a ten year period, Landel had several chances to break through to another level and despite the reasons, it never happened.  A stellar high school athlete, he dropped out of school and gave up a chance at collegiate sports to pursue pro-wrestling.  Although he had potential, it took him a few years to gain seasoning, size and acquire the look to standout.  Mid-South was the first place that he first arrived as a heel with money-drawing potential.  Partnering with Butch Reed, he was a classic beach blond heel that Bill Watts really believed in as a talent.  Landel, ever the nonconformist, did not last, but caught an even bigger break with Jim Crockett Promotions challenging Ric Flair as a new “Nature Boy.”  However, he famously blew what he claims was going to be an NWA title run.  Over the next few years, Landel had amazing ups and downs.  He was still a great performer who was young and experienced.  While highlights like the “Bill and Buddy Show” in Memphis and his great run in Smoky Mountain, most recall the reputation he built as being unreliable due to his substance abuse problems and self-centered attitude.  He was a true “too much, too soon” story.  Not only did Buddy Landel not reach his full potential, but when he finally pulled it together and that seemingly last break came his way, an injury ripped it away.  Eventually, Landel’s personal and family problems reached a point that he was able to turn a corner and is now in a much better place.  Pro-wrestling has seen its share of young men who traded promise for pills and did not make it to the other side alive.  Landel is a survivor and while his is a cautionary tale, there are many glimpses of brilliance within the body of work he left behind.