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Lance Storm


Real Name - Lance Timothy Evers

Birthdate - 4/3/69

5'11" 231 lbs. - Sarnia, Alberta, Canada

Athletic Background - Volleyball (Wilfrid Laurier University), Basketball, Track & Field (High School)

Teacher(s) - Ed Langley, Brad Young [Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp]

Professional Background - Indies(`91-`9?), FMW(`91), Lebanon(`93), CWA(`93), SMW(`94), CWA(`95), WAR(`95-`98), ECW(`97-`00), WCW(`00-`01), WWF/WWE(`01-`04), WWE(`05), ROH(`06), Indies(`06-`07)

AliasesLance T. Storm

Groups - Triple Threat, Impact Players, Team Canada, The Alliance, Un-Americans

Peak Years - `98-`02

Finisher(s) - 

- Straight-shooter/Calgary Crab/Canadian Maple Leaf (Rolling Half Crab)

- Superkick

- Deep Impact (Jumping Piledriver)

- Powerplex (Suplex into Powerslam)

- Star Kick (Dropsault)

Favorites -

- Springboard Clothesline

- Powerplex (Suplex into Powerslam)

- Handspring Corner Lariat

- Leg Lariat

- Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Lance Storm is one of numerous quality workers to come out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, one of the great hotbeds for pro-wrestling. He was an excellent athlete with a very good head on his shoulders as he waded into the wacky world of pro-wrestling. He broke in with Chris Jericho and the pair began attracting attention while tagging as "Sudden Impact" in various places. Early on, Storm was considered the better of the two and he got some big breaks as a result. Eventually, Storm became a regular in Tenryu's WAR as well as ECW in the US. Both gave Lance Storm the environments he needed to develop. He was a great wrestler, but needed more quality experiences in the aspects that would take him to the next level. In WAR, Storm became a solid junior heavyweight. In ECW though he really took off. Storm became involved with Chris Candido and developed into a very good promo. ECW pushed him stronger and stronger as they went national. Lance Storm was one of the premier talents in the States, but ECW was in major financial trouble. As a result, Storm left for WCW, where he received a huge push and was an established commodity until the company closed. When the WWF-WCW feud began, Storm started it with a run-in in Calgary. His three years in the WWF/WWE were marked by many aborted attempts and pushes and lame angles that got him nowhere. He had the ability and color, but Steve Austin's prompting of the fans to chant "boring" at him in essence killed him. He had a castrated anti-American stable, the UnAmericans, and an underutilized tag team with William Regal. Storm was also having various injury problems and he eventually moved on to coach in OVW until his contract ended. He now has a wrestling school and has embraced the digital age to have an impact on pro-wrestling.