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Kurt Von Hess (1942-1999)

Real Name

Bill Terry

Lifespan - 4/?/42-3/13/99

6'2" 270 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s)Benny Lima

Professional Background - n/a 

AliasesBig Bill Terry, Deutsch Hess

Peak Years`70-`75

Place in HistoryKurt Von Hess is one of a laundry list of German heels who were successful in the post-war years. He, like many, was a Canadian who struggled to find his place. Although he had the size, Terry was missing that something that made him stand out.  Borrowing his name from legendary German heel Karl Von Hess, the new Kurt Von Hess shaved his head, grew a goatee and hit the road.  Paired with a young stud from Vancouver going by Karl Von Shotz, the two of them met up in Calgary.  Once refining their chemistry, Von Hess & Von Shotz became very successful in Detroit and enjoyed runs in Montreal and Japan as well. After the success of the Von Steigers, Von Hess & Von Shotz were essentially bigger men playing that same role.  Following their split, Von Hess settled in Detroit with his family. Over the next decade, Kurt Von Hess worked Vancouver, Toronto and the Carolinas as well as returning to Japan before his kidneys forced him to retire in 1989. After health problems plagued him for another decade, Bill Terry passed away in 1999. While Kurt Von Hess is often forgotten behind more outspoken, better drawing and longer lasting "German" heels, he is a notable one. He was a good hand who had the size, presence and ring leadership that any promoter would value and his ability to rile the fans playing an evil German made him a career.