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Megumi Kudo


Real Name - Megumi Takayama 
Birthdate - 9/9/69 
5'4" 132 lbs. - Koshigaya, Japan

Athletic Background - Basketball

Teacher(s) - Jaguar Yokota [AJW Dojo]

Professional Background - AJW(`86-`88), FMW(`91-`97)

Aliases - none

Groups - n/a

Peak Years - `92-`97 

Finisher(s) - 
- Kudo Driver

Favorites - 
- Thunderfire Powerbomb
- Tiger Bomb
- German Suplex
- Rana
- Hip Attack

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Until very recently, female wrestlers in Japan were confined to joshi puroresu promotions with the notable exception of FMW that built a successful division of their own.  The star of the division, Megumi Kudo, was an All Japan washout who became one of the top joshi puroresu stars of the 1990s.  Like many young girls, she had become enamored with pro-wrestling during the era of the Crush Gals and Dump Matsumoto.  She entered the dojo, she made it through and made her debut.  After a couple years, Kudo was deemed to have not made adequate progress and was cut.  She was a fitting focal point for the ladies in FMW.  Kudo, like the company's star Atsushi Onita, might have lacked typical in-ring skills, but she made up for it in ability to create great drama.  Her style and looks made her the perfect babyface and she learned how to carry numerous opponents of varying skill to tremendously entertaining bouts. Kudo was even allowed to show her wears against the most established women in Japan and the bouts were generally good.  After a great run as perhaps the greatest women's wrestler to compete mainly in a non-joshi group, Megumi Kudo retired. Her departure hurt FMW as it meant the end for a serious women's division and she had been amongst their best draws.  Megumi never returned to the ring, but remained tied to pro-wrestling.  She married fellow FMW wrestler Hido, she did some color commentary, did some television and movies and even hosted a radio show.