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Killer Karl Krupp (1934-1995)


Real NameGeorge "Dutch" Momberg

Lifespan - 5/13/34 - 8/24/95

6’2” 256 lbs. - Moncton, NB

Athletic BackgroundWrestling, Rowing (High School); Football (CFL)

Teacher(s) - n/a

GroupsFirst Family (Memphis)

AliasesDutch Momberg, Mad Dog Momberg, Baron Von Krupp, Karl Von Krupp, Ichiban #1, Apocalypse

Peak Years - `72-`76

Place in HistoryBy the 1970s, German heels were a common heel trope in professional wrestling.  Most every territory had one and they got over the various degrees.  George Momberg was a Dutch wrestler who grew up in Europe during World War II before emigrating to Canada.  He worked as Dutch Momberg and with some other handles and personas, but nothing really clicked until he became a fearsome German.  He usually used the name Killer Karl Krupp, Karl Von Krupp or Baron Von Krupp.  In retrospect, it seems like a laughable cartoon character not too far from the buffoonish Colonel Klink of “Hogan’s Heroes” fame with his expressive face, bulging eyes and signature monocle.  However, he was playing a bad guy, so he ramped it up with his maniacal interviews in a heavy accent, waving around his riding crop.  It was a different era and Killer Karl Krupp was an effective heel.  Krupp’s act was full of all the German heel standards - the iron claw finisher, the goose-stepping, the fascist saluting, the black cape and jackboots.  However, Karl Krupp distinguished himself from Baron Von Raschke, Waldo Von Erich and others with crazy eyes, ever-present grin and Reichsadler (Nazi eagle) belt.  Behind the microphone, Krupp was unforgettable and in the ring, he was indomitable.  The man behind the character was notorious for “living his gimmick” amongst his peers, but it worked, he was able to get over and be pushed most everywhere he went; and Killer Karl Krupp went everywhere.  He went from a ten-year journeyman to a top star in three different countries almost overnight.  In Canada, Krupp worked in Eastern and Western Canada; in the US, he worked in Amarillo, Dallas, Portland, Indianapolis and the NWF.  In Japan, he had several tours with New Japan.  In all of those places, he worked on the top of the cards with the key babyfaces.  The Killer Karl Krupp character had a short shelf life and he did not stay long in most places, although he was a recurring character in the Maritimes, where he lived.  The crazed German battled Leo Burke, the Beast and Hercules Ayala in some of the small territory’s most memorable matches.  Elsewhere, he had diminishing returns over the years.  By the 1980s, Krupp was working for the post-split Tri-State office, the pre-boom World Class or the #3 Japanese group, the IWE.  Krupp was nearing fifty and looking slower and limited, he also contracted Hepatitis A.  By the late 1980s, the pro-wrestling scene had changed and the aging Krupp and his tired act called it a career.  He worked for a trucking company based out of Moncton, New Brunswick for the final years of his life.  Killer Karl Krupp is one of the great German heels.  Although his character was a bit over-the-top and he was not an exciting worker or a big bumper, he traveled extensively and worked on top in most promotions he ventured to.