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The Kozaks (Nick & Jerry)

Nick Kozak

Real Name - Nick Kozak

Birthdate - ?/?/33

6'1" 247 lbs. - Vancouver, BC

Athletic Background - Wrestling, Boxing, Bodybuilding (Mr. British Columbia `54)

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Vancouver(`58), Portland(`58-`59), Houston(`59-), Hawaii(`60), Portland(`60-`61), Portland(`64), Georgia(`65), Hawaii(`66), Houston(`66), Georgia(`67), Florida(`68), Gulf Coast(`75)

Aliases - none

Jerry Kozak (1935-2014)

Real Name - Jerry Kozak

Birthdate - ?/?/1935 - 3/5/2014

??? - Vancouver, BC

Athletic Background - Gymnastics

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional Background - Arizona, Tri-State(`63), Houston(`64)

Aliases - Jerry Parker

Professional Background (together) - Gulf Coast(`61), Houston(`62-`64), Amarillo(`67-`77), All Japan(`72-`73)

Peak Years - `62-`64

Place in History - The NWA territory system allowed for hundreds of pro-wrestlers to make a living in the mid-twentieth century, unfortunately many of these men and women are simply lost to history for a number a reasons.  Two brothers from Vancouver could become top stars in the Southwest, could promote shows and help out behind the scenes and yet few modern fans would even recognize the names Nick and Jerry Kozak.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the Kozak brothers developed their bodies working in the woods and pursuing bodybuilding and other athletics.  They were not the stereotypical pro-wrestlers of the day, both were on the smaller side with slender and well-defined physiques.  The brothers were respected as excellent workers whose highflying and fast-paced style was unique in the 1960s.  The Kozaks, not unlike other brother teams, had an on-off partnership and while they had success separately they are best remembered as team.  Nick was a free spirit and he traveled all over, while Jerry tended to stay in or around Texas.  While working in the Amarillo territory, Jerry bought into the promotion and would be involved with it until its dying days.  He had majority interest after Dory Sr. passed away and when Terry and Dory Jr. sold to Blackjack Mulligan and Dick Murdoch, he was the constant.  The territory was on the decline though and Jerry was unable to salvage it.  After that, the brothers went in the wrecker business in Houston, living close to one another until Jerry passed away.  The Kozak Brothers have been all but lost to history as top stars in less publicized promotions that did not save their footage.  While they are remembered fondly by charismatic performers like Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes and Iceman King Parsons, the Kozak Brothers were old-school babyfaces who got over with their innovative in-ring work and exceptional physiques.