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Real Name - Carlos Santiago Espada Ashenhoff
Birthdate - 1/6/64
5'10" 250 lbs. - San Diego, CA

Athletic Background - Boxing (US Navy), Bodybuilding; Karate, Basketball (High School); Jiu-Jitsu

Teacher(s) -  Rey Misterio, Super Astro, Negro Casas, Gory Guerraro, Eddy Guerraro, Ary Romero

Professional Background - Tijuana(`87), SoCal Indies(`87), UWA(`88-`90), CMLL(`90-`92), AAA(`92-`96), ECW(`96), WCW(`96-`01), Promo Azteca(`96-`98), WWC(`01-`03) WWA(`01), NWA-TNA/TNA(`02-`07), AAA(`04-)

AliasesEl Centurian, Conan El Barbaro, Konan El Barbaro, Konnan the Great, Electrico, Relampogo, Max Moon, K-Dawg

Groups - Los Gringos Locos, nWo - Black & Red, No Limit Soldiers, Filthy Animals, The Authentic Luchadores, 3 Live Kru, 4 Live Cru, LAX (Latin American Xchange), La Legión Extranjera

Peak Years - `91-`97

Finisher(s) - 
- Tequila Sunrise (Armbar-Half Crab)
- 187 (Fisherman DDT)
- Powerdrop/Splash Mountain (BT Bomb)
- Facejam / K-Factor (Sitting Faceslam)
- Ziplock (Entangled Deathlock)

Favorites - 
- Grounded Hammerlock/Octopus
- Flying Armdrag
- Front Rolling Lariat
- Knee Dropkick
- Palm Thusts

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Konnan is an enigmatic character known for his unique charisma and vision of pro-wrestling, he has been a success from the beginning of his career and continues to be a key person in the business a quarter-century later.  A street smart kid who developed physically and mentally in the Navy, Carlos Ashenhoff entered the business through an unusual turn of events.  While it took him years to become a decent in-ring talent, from the start he had the look and personality to get over as a top star.  In the UWA promotion, he first caught on in a major promotion and in EMLL, he was given a big push.  The company was divided into distinct camps and Konnan was one of the young rising stars pushed by booker Antonio Peña.  When lucha libre returned to TV after nearly forty years, the new faces were destined to get over huge.  Konnan was one of those.  Peña and Konnan leveraged with Televisa to start a new promotion and AAA became one of the hottest and most innovative companies in the world.  The group was not only hugely successful in Mexico, but had success in Latino communities in the US.  The popularity of Konnan was so great that the WWF even signed him up for a short and unsuccessful run.  On the heels of his WWF run and the decline of the Mexican peso, Konnan began pursuing opportunities in the US.  First, he worked for ECW and brought in some top Mexican talent.  Then, he signed with WCW and began a rollercoaster run.  Meanwhile in Mexico, the relationship between Peña and Konnan grew strained to the breaking point.  Konnan was one of a substantial list of frustrated luchadors that left AAA for PromoAztecas.  The promotion eventually faltered and it lead to a near decade-long absence of Konnan from Mexico.  Konnan successfully brought a number of luchadors into WCW, although most of whom made excellent money to essentially fill out the cards.  Others, like Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera, enjoyed more notable success.  Konnan’s run afforded him opportunities to develop a new persona, gain some American exposure and make some good money, unfortunately he grew miserable.  After WCW closed, Konnan was one of many who was brought into NWA-TNA.  He eventually made a name for himself as a member of 3 Live Cru and the controversial LAX stable and through TNA made amends with Antonio Peña.  While his health was deteriorating, Konnan was able to get back into Mexico and has been a key player ever since.  After Peña’s death and his active career wound down, it became clear that booking and being a heel personality were his true calling.  The career of Konnan may be winding down, but his legacy will be a lasting one in Mexico and the US.