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Satoshi Kojima

Real Name - Satoshi Kojima

Birthdate - 9/14/70

6'2" 247 lbs. - Katsuyama City, Tokyo, Japan

Athletic Background - Judo (High School)

Teacher(s) - Animal Hamaguchi [New Japan Dojo]

Professional Background - New Japan (`91-`02), CWA (`94-`95), All Japan(`02-`10), MLW(`02-`03), Zero-One(`03,`04), New Japan(`10-)

AliasesGreat Kosuke, Great Koji

Groups - nWo Japan, Team 2000, Voodoo Murderers, F4

Peak Years - `01-`10

Finisher(s) - 

- Lariat

- CCD (Modified Emerald Fusion)

- Cozy Cutter from Second Turnbuckle

- Cozy Max hold (Armlock/Armbar)

Favorites -

- Michinoku Driver

- Cozy Cutter (Ace Crusher)

- Corner Elbow-Elbowdrops-Flying Elbowdrop

- Rydeen Bomb

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The puroresu bubble burst and many of the wrestlers on the verge of superstardom seemed to never quite reached the level that they had been projected to reach.  Satoshi Kojima is perhaps the most obvious example.  A longtime underling in New Japan’s heel stables, Kojima was a good hand with a natural charisma when the company was booming.  He and Hiroyoshi Tenzan formed a tag team, Tenkoji, that had all the chemistry and personality for greatness.  In 2002, Keiji Muto left New Japan for All Japan and Kojima left with him.  While he was heading to a decimated organization, Kojima was positioned as a top star immediately and given unique professional and creative opportunities.  He was a fiery babyface with a cool look and exciting style.  Due to these transcendent qualities, Kojima was brought to the US as featured star for MLW and later Ring of Honor.  While those avenues never panned out, his ascension in All Japan continued.  Unfortunately, the company was mismanaged and Kojima would eventually return to New Japan.  Kojima was unquestionably a crucial figure in establishing the new generation of stars that led the company to a resurgence.  He and Tenzan reunited and were one of the few nostalgia acts from New Japan’s previous peak that were able to successfully work in this new era.  In addition to those accomplishments, Kojima was able to step up his game in the big matches.  Injuries and age curtailed that success on top and as a result Kojima, while still popular, is not the level of star that many thought he had the potential of becoming.