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Kenta Kobashi


Real Name - Kenta Kobashi
Birthdate - 3/25/67
6'1" 250 lbs. - Fukuichiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Athletic Background - Judo, Rugby (High School)

Teacher(s) - Giant Baba, Dory Funk Jr., Masanobu Fuchi, Kazuharu Sonoda [All Japan Dojo]; Road Warriors

Professional Background - All Japan(`87-`00), NOAH(`00-)

Aliases - none

Groups - BURNING

Peak Years - `92-`99

Finisher(s) - 
- Burning Lariat
- Diamondhead (Dangerous Powerbomb)
- Burning Hammer (Inverted Death Valley Bomb)
- Moonsault
- Burning Sword (Pullback Overhead Chop)
- Sleeper Suplex
- Black Crush (Vertical Suplex into Ace Crusher)
- Orange Bomb (Suplex into Sitout Powerbomb)
- Double-Arm DDT

Favorites -
- Half Nelson Suplex
- Vertical Suplex
- Running Knees Strikes on the ropes
- Machine Gun Chops
- Kesagiri Chop (Neckchop)

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Kenta Kobashi will be remembered by many as the greatest Japanese pro-wrestler of all-time with a claim as the greatest pro-wrestler period. His modest athletic background prevented him from coming into All Japan with much fanfare, but within a few years his gifts were being noticed. In the 1990s, only Mitsuharu Misawa can declare greater success in All Japan when it was the greatest wrestling company ever in terms of workrate. Kobashi’s powerhouse style complimented with his legendary chops was popular and distinct.  Kobashi was often put opposite the toughest foreigners as the biggest and strongest native star. His success made him the youngest Triple Crown winner of the day and he was arguably the best in the company, if not the world, between 1993 and 1998.  During this era, Kenta Kobashi not had some of the best matches in the world, but he became a great innovator of moves.  When Giant Baba died and All Japan began disintegrating, Kobashi was still on top, but politics would lead to an unprecedented talent exodus and Kobashi was to be key in establishing NOAH Pro-Wrestling as a the premier puroresu company.  His knees gave out in midst of his feud with long-time partner Jun Akiyama and he would spend nearly two years recuperating.  Inevitably, Kobashi returned with great fanfare and it was not long before he wore NOAH’s GHC title.  His two year reign was impressive and though puroresu was on the decline, he established himself as the best pro-wrestler in Japan (if not the world).  Kobashi found himself on the shelf again soon after, this time battling cancer.  Although he has managed to comeback and still has significant marquee value, Kenta Kobashi’s career is on the decline.  He is in his mid-40s and his body is shot, so it is hard to tell what the future spells for this legend of puroresu.  The 1990s All Japan became the home of the greatest pro-wrestling matches of all-time and more often than not, Kenta Kobashi was involved.  He is regarded as the greatest worker of all-time by many and his body of work is as impressive as any pro-wrestler that has ever stepped into the ring.