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Kengo Kimura


Real Name - Seimo Kimura

Birthdate - 9/4/53

6' 215 lbs. - Niihama, Ehime, Japan

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Seiji Sakaguchi

Professional Background - JWA(`72-`73), New Japan(`73-`03), CMLL(`78-`79), Los Angeles(`78-`80), WWC(`78-`79)

AliasesTakashi Kimura, Seimo Kimura, Pak Choo

Groups - Heisei Ishingun, Skinheads

Peak Years - `80-`87

Finisher(s) - 

- Scorpion Deathlock

Favorites -

- Inazuma (Inverted) Leg Lariat

- Belly-to-Belly

- Half Crab

- Bodyslam

- Standing Dropkick

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Kengo Kimura is the supporting character that companies always need.  Not the star, but the star’s partner.  Not the best wrestler, but better than most.  Not the most popular, but well-liked by the fans.  How fitting it is that he was the disciple of Seiji Sakaguchi (Antonio Inoki's long-time number two) and took part in the power shift from Inoki and Sakaguchi to Tatsumi Fujinami and himself.  Fujinami and Kimura formed an exceptional tag team and kept New Japan strong in the 1980s.  Kimura was always around for the big events supporting Fujinami.  While it’s impossible to say he wasn't important, Kimura's secondary role is undeniable. He served the company loyally for thirty years, frequently helping people move up the cards.  Kengo Kimura was even a key member of the anti-New Japan Heisei Ishingun, which is a bit ironic.  After competing fairly actively until 1999, Kengo Kimura officially announcing his retirement in 2003. A solid worker who did his job well, Kengo Kimura should be remembered as such.