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Killer Khan

Real Name - 

Masashi Ozawa

Birthdate - 3/6/47

6'5" 270 lbs. - Nishikanbara, Niigata, Japan

Athletic Background - 

Sumo (Makushita)

Teacher(s) - 

Seiji Sakaguchi; Karl Gotch

Professional Background - 

JWA(`73), New Japan(`73-`77), Europe(`76), Mexico(`78), Florida(`79), Georgia(`79) Mid-South(`80), WWF(`80-`82,`87), New Japan(`81-`84), Japan Pro(`84-`87), All Japan(`84-`87), World Class(`84)


Masashi Ozawa, Temjin El Mongol

Groups - 

Ishin Gundan, Calgary Hurricanes

Peak Years - `75-`84

Finisher(s) - 

- Flying Kneedrop

- Asian Spike

Favorites -

- Sidekick

- Bodyslam

- Kneedrop

- Mongolian Chop

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - 

Killer Khan established himself better than most Japanese pro-wrestlers on both sides of the Pacific.  He might not have been an exceptionally athletic worker, but his expressive face and imposing presence allowed him to bridge the gap many of his country could not.  Masashi Ozawa, a legit sumo with good credentials, was mentored by Seiji Sakaguchi in New Japan.  Like many young talents, he was sent on a learning excursion, where would adopt the Mongolian persona that he kept for the remainder of his career.  As Killer Khan, he became a wild brawler whose face, screaming and viciousness got him over as a heel.  However, it wasn't until a freak accident made his career and led to Khan getting a substantial push.  During his feud with Andre the Giant in the WWF, the Frenchman broke his ankle while getting out of bed.  The storyline was crafted so Killer Khan was credited with the break and based on the international fame of Andre, a new star was made.  Ultimately, Andre squashed Khan in the WWF, but he was a made man in the US.  He returned to New Japan and enjoyed success as part of Riki Choshu's Ishin Gundan.  When the group left New Japan for All Japan, Khan was able to secure a top spot by proximity.  He also had a successful run in World Class, when that promotion was on fire.  Killer Khan might have not been the most athletic or dynamic performer, but he learned how to play an effective heel.  Health problems forced Killer Khan to retire as he was still excelling.  Although Killer Khan is often dismissed as a foreign menace playing a cartoonish role, he was unquestionably effective and capable within that role.  Khan had an incredible look and simple brawling style that worked for his character.  Good fortune saw him involved in some hot runs, but Killer Khan always delivered to the best of his abilities.