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Don Kernodle

Real Name - Charles Donald Kernodle, Jr.

Birthdate - 5/2/50

6'1” 290 lbs. - Burlington, NC

Athletic Background - Wrestling [Elon College]

Teacher(s) - Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, Terry Sawyer, Johnny Heideman

Professional Background - Mid-Atlantic(`73), GCCW(`73-`74), Georgia(`74), Knoxville(`76), Amarillo(`78-`79), Mid-Atlantic(`78-`86), All Japan(`78), Georgia(`79), Toronto(`83-`84), ACW(`90), Indies(`04-)

AliasesPvt. Don Kernodle

Groups - Cobra Corps

Peak Years - `79-`84

Finisher(s) - 

- Cobra Clutch

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Flying Clothesline

Favorites -

- Back Suplex

- Dropping Lariat

- Dropkick

- Jumping Fistdrop

- Forearm Smash

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Don Kernodle built a name for himself as a solid hand in the upper midcard who formed some excellent tag teams and had some memorable angles in his heyday. His background as an collegiate amateur helped him springboard into a professional career that he had dreamed about as a child. His debut was as a challenger to Bob Roop in a shoot where he almost took the former Olympian to the limit. While that might of made him an instant hit nowadays, back then aspiring pros needed to be broken in more gradually. The Andersons helped him along, he worked the territories and became well regarded for his abilities.  He and Jim Nelson (the future Boris Zhukov) became privates under Sgt. Slaughter who was at his professional best.  Slaughter and Kernodle formed an exceptional heel tag team and they had a program with whitemeat babyfaces Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood that is one of the most famous in the Carolinas.  The run gave Kernodle some traction moving forward when he began pairing up with Ivan and Nikita Koloff.  As an American turncoat, Kernodle generated some genuine heat.  However, the run was short as the Koloffs turned on him.  The subsequent feud with with them and Krusher Krushchev was not enough to establish him as a strong babyface.  After booker George Scott left, Kernodle survived through several bookers, but a modestly built and balding good guy with little steam had little upside past being a good hand.  By the time Dusty Rhodes took over booking, Kernodle was phasing out as younger talent was poised to take his place in Jim Crockett Promotions.