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Ken Lucas (1941-2014)


Real NameKen Lucas

Lifespan - ?/?/1941 - 8/6/2014

5'10" 223 lbs. - Mesa, AZ

Athletic BackgroundBoxing [Golden Gloves]

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional BackgroundArizona(`62-`63), Gulf Coast(`63-`68), Nashville(`68), Gulf Coast(`69-`70), Nashville(`70), Gulf Coast(`70-`72), Nashville(`72), Gulf Coast(`73-`76), Florida(`76-`77), Nashville(`77-`78), Gulf Coast(`77), Nashville(`77), SECW[Alabama](`78-`80), Memphis(`80-`81), SECW[Alabama](`81-`82), SWCW(`82-`83), SECW[Alabama](`83-`84)

Aliases - none

Peak Years`68-`77

Place in HistoryIt could be said that not a lot was required of a wrestler to be a babyface in the South.  If someone looked and acted decent, they had a chance.  However, to become an iconic babyface of Southern rasslin’, much more is required.  Ken Lucas was a sort of ruggedly handsome athlete whose no-nonsense approach were ideal for a face.  What took him to the next level was his work, his longevity and his willingness to bounce between Alabama and Tennessee regularly.  After training and gaining seasoning in his native Arizona, Lucas ventured to the Gulf Coast for Lee Fields and quickly became a success.  After firmly establishing himself there, he went up to work for Nick Gulas in Nashville and became an instant superstar teaming with Dennis Hall.  For the next thirteen years, Lucas would come into Tennessee for a stretch before heading back South to his home territory in Alabama. Lucas was so over as a babyface with the fans that he was frequently used to get over young talent by teaming with them, putting them over in matches or help them convert to the babyface side. Although a complete list of these partners and rivals reads like a “who’s who” of pro-wrestlers, there are several notables. Some of his partners like Ricky and Johnny Fields only went on to moderate success.  Others like Bob Armstrong, Johnny West (Kevin Sullivan) and Ricky Morton went on to become legendary figures in their own right. His feuds with masked villains like The Wrestling Pro, The Mysterious Medic and the Mighty Yankees all helped those men establish themselves as credible heels. Furthermore, his rivalry-turned-partnership with heels like Don Carson, Rip Tyler and Gorgeous George Jr. helped those men turn over a new leaf when they seemed beyond redemption. All these contributions to wrestling in Tennessee and Alabama make Ken Lucas one of the greatest babyfaces to ever work those areas. His legacy was truly sealed however when in 1974, he took NWA Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco to the limit. Lucas proved he was one of the best in the game and the fans never forgot him as a result. By the early 1980s, Ken Lucas was no longer working for Fields and Gulas, but now Ron Fuller and Jerry Jarrett. He was still going strong when a car accident injured his neck and foot and effectively ended his career. Other than few irregular matches, Ken Lucas remained quiet in Pensacola, Florida. Ken Lucas was that sort of timeless worker who did not need gimmicks or a fancy name to get over, his work did it all and he became a legend unlike any other as a result.