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Chris Kanyon (1970-2010)

Real Name - Christopher Morgan Klucsaritis
Lifespan - 1/4/70 - 4/2/2010

6'3" 245 lbs. - Queens, NY

Athletic Background - Rugby [University of Buffalo]

Teacher(s) - Billy Bold Eagle; Afa

Professional Background - Indies(`92-`95), SMW(`94), ECW(`94), Memphis(`94), WCW(`95-`01), WWF/WWE(`01-`04), OVW(`02-`03), Indies(`04-`10)

AliasesChris Morgan, Chris Canyon, Mortis, Kanyon, CCK, Positively Kanyon, Chris K

Groups - The Flock, The Jersey Triad, The New Blood, The Alliance

Peak Years - `97-`01

Finisher(s) - 

- Flatliner II (Reverse Russian Legsweep)

- Fireman's Carry into Ace Crusher

- Kanyoncutter (Ace Crusher)

- Flatliner (Second Turnbuckle Samoan Drop)

Favorites -

- Second Turnbuckle Faceslam

- Reverse Electric Chair

- Side Slam

- Side Russian Legsweep

- Haymaker

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In the glory days of WCW, they had a such a deep roster that some of the best talent around were hiding in the undercards and on B-shows.  In 1996, Eric Bischoff began hatching the idea of group of combatants loosely based on the success of the Mortal Kombat video game.  A few unknown talents, a WWF washout and Bischoff’s son’s karate teacher were recast and given elaborate costumes in an attempt to capture some pop culture.  Chris Canyon had been working as half of the jobber team “Men at Work” when they put him under a hood and he became “Mortis.”  The rivalry between Glacier & Ernest Miller and Mortis & Wrath had potential and the four had chemistry due to their rehearsals.  However, the nWo happened and their program was pushed to the backburner and fizzled out in time.  Kanyon had endeared himself to a lot of people on the WCW roster.  He was a hard worker, he spent a lot of time at the Power Plant and welcomed young talent without a place to stay in his home.  His ties with Raven and the Flock and Diamond Dallas Page kept him in good standing with WCW booking.  Pushed as the "Innovator of Offense" and spouting off “Who Betta Than Kanyon?” in his distinctive lisp and New York accent, Kanyon became the ultimate utility player for WCW.  He helped train celebrities, he was highly involved with Ready to Rumble and the Jesse Ventura Story and he made his Hollywood ties part of his persona.  Kanyon continuously fluctuated between being a goofy character and a more serious one.  When WCW was purchased, Kanyon looked to be among the better pushed of the talent, but it was the former character that eventually won out.  He quickly fell down the cards and a combination of injuries and lack of direction led to his release.  From there his life was never the same.  Many around him knew that he was gay and struggled with that reality for years in the macho world of pro-wrestling.  His mental health also plagued him as manic depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts sidelined any opportunities that came his way.  In hopes of staying relevant in a world that quickly forgets you, Kanyon began making outrageous claims.  Reaching forty seemed to solidify that his pro-wrestling career, something he loved so much, was gone and never returning.  He took his life only months after his birthday.  Chris Kanyon is one of the many tragic characters of pro-wrestling.  He had great talent and he was exceptionally selfless, but all the negatives added up against him - the mental health struggles, the challenges of his sexuality, the injuries and concussions - they overwhelmed him.