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Kintaro Kanemura

Real Name - Kouihiro Kanemura (Kim Hyeong Ho)
Birthdate - 8/9/70
5'10" 233 lbs. - Tsu City, Japan

Athletic Background - Rugby [High School]

Teacher(s) - Animal Hamaguchi; DAN Rosado; Tarzan Goto

Professional Background - Pioneer Senshi(`90-`91), Indies(`90-`16), W*ING(`91-`94), SMW(`93), IWA(`93-`94), FMW(`94-`02), WEW/Fuyuki(`02-`04), Zero-One(`02-`04), BJW(`02-), AJPW(`03), WMF(`03-`04), HUSTLE(`04-`08), Apache(`04-`16), Zero-One MAX(`05-`16), Indies(`16)

AliasesYukihiro Kanemura, W*ing Kanemura, Kanemura, Kintaman

Groups - W*ING Alliance, ZEN, Team No Respect, Shin Fuyuki-Gun, Apache Army, Masked Mystery Men, W*ing Monster Army

Peak Years - `93-`00

Finisher(s) - 

- Baku Yama Senton Special (Senton Bomb)

Favorites -

- Release German Suplex

- Second Turnbuckle Moonsault

- Fireman's Carry Slam

- Rana

- Elbows

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set7

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - When All Japan’s Dojo turned away a stocky Korean kid, it proved to be a turning point for his life.  Kouihiro Kanemura persisted and found a different path to his dream.  Animal Hamaguchi’s Gym provided the training and Ryuma Go’s Pioneer Senshi (the first significant independent in Japan) provided the platform for him to launch his career.  The Japanese independent scene was taking off with Atsushi Onita and FMW truly reinventing the puroresu landscape in terms of different business models and in-ring product.  FMW saw its president, top heel and foriegn talent booker all leave in 1991 to start a new company that became known as W*ING.  Yukihiro Kanemura joined them and quickly climbed the ladder within the small indy.  While his “bad genetics” might have kept him out of All Japan, it was key to his appeal in W*ING.  Kanemura was a pudgy faced kid whose hard work, willingness to take punishment and even his Korean heritage made him the perfect underdog.  While the group was short-lived, it became romanticized and he even used the promotion’s name instead of his given name for a time.  In 1994, W*ING was basically closed, so Kanemura headed to FMW and he quickly formed a W*ING faction that was a strong faction.  He reunited with former W*ING stars Mitsuharu Matsunaga and Mr. Pogo and while he was never put in a top spot, he always maintained a respectable one in the FMW pecking order.  The rivalry between Kanemura and Masato Tanaka was amongst the best in the company as they routinely stole the show.  The company essentially created a new secondary title, the FMW Independent Heavyweight title, for these two with Kanemura being its inaugural winner.  Over the next few years, W*ing Kanemura showed many dimensions of his personality from the double-tough babyface as part of Atsushi Onita’s ZEN group, as the sometimes dancing and sometimes vicious heel as part of Team No Respect and the stage-diving masochist in FMW.  After FMW's death, Kanemura became known as the "Boss of the Indies" working for nearly every independent group across Japan.  He followed the trend of forming a stable, the Apache Army, that appeared on indy shows, before eventually producing their own shows under their now established name.  The puroresu scene was in a downturn and Kanemura himself was slowing down physically, relying more on his personality and notoriety than his work.  In 2008, a sexual harassment scandal rocked his world and he both stepped away from Apache and lost most of his bookings.  The climb back was slow, he struggled to get his own XWF company going and he continued to be ostracized by promotions and individuals.  Kanemura made numerous good faith efforts to help his brethren by running benefit shows and booking down-on-their-luck wrestlers and also doing some charity work.  By 2016, Kintaro Kanemura decided to retire from the ring and had a fun retirement tour with all the bloody matches with old friends and puroresu legends that one might expect.