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Real Name - Glen Thomas Jacobs
Birthdate - 4/26/67
6'7" 290 lbs. - Knoxville, TN

Athletic Background - Basketball, Football (Truman State/Northeast Missouri State University)

Teacher(s) - Jeff Bradley, Ray Candy, Dean Malenko, Al Snow

Professional Background - Indies(`92-`93), USWA(`93),  PWFG(`93), WCW(`93), USWA(`94),  SMW(`95), WWF/WWE(`95-), USWA(`97)

AliasesGlen Jacobs, Bruiser Mastino, The Christmas Creature, Unabomb, Doomsday, Isaac Yankem DDS, Diesel

Groups - The Corporation

Peak Years - `98-`04

Finisher(s) - 
- Chokeslam from Hell
- Tombstone
- Clawhold
- Powerbomb

Favorites -
- Flying Lariat
- Sidewalk Slam
- Big Boot
- Lariat
- Throat Thrust

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - In 1996, the WWF decided to add a new twist to their long-running character the Undertaker.  They had his manager Paul Bearer turn on him and after a long build, the brother of the Undertaker debuted.  The man behind the mask was veteran Glen Jacobs who had been bouncing from one bad character to another since he broke into the business.  In this new role as “Kane”, the Undertaker’s  brother who had been supposedly disfigured in a fire, he finally found a perfect fit.  As the “Attitude Era” rolled in, the Undertaker and Kane provided one of the company’s key rivalries complete with over-the-top back story, supernatural gimmickry and in-ring battles between two big men like the the company was built on.   As time passed, the physical appearance of Kane changed.  The once mute, fully covered and deadly serious monster, was revealing more of himself slowly.  His mask and allowed him to speak, he revealed more of his impressive physique and he showed a willingness to take part in some tongue-in-cheek angles and vignettes.  The relationship between Kane and the Undertaker changed as well as they became a tag team as the “Brothers of Destruction.”  It marked the first turn of many over the next decade.  Kane became one of the company’s most dependable supporting players going forward.  He was well respected by his peers, capable in the ring and was able to work virtually any type of storyline.  He worked Triple H on top with the infamous “Katie Vick” incident leading to his eventual unmasking.  Kane was always kept fairly strong and on occasion would be pushed into a top programs be it with Edge and Chavo Guerrero as a face or Rey Mysterio and John Cena as a heel.  He continuously reiterates that he his still in his prime and not intention of wrapping up his career although he is now in his mid-forties.  Outside of the ring, Glen Jacobs is an outspoken libertarian who has done blogs, podcasts and public appearances where he was shared his political beliefs.  His legacy is definitely a challenging one to evaluate.  While his longevity, consistency and strength of character all work in his favor, he has never been a big drawing card, he has been involved in countless bad angles and he has only ever been a supporting player.