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Real Name - James Arthur Harris

Birthdate - 5/28/50

6'7" 375 lbs. - Senatobia, MS

Athletic Background - Football [High School]

Teacher(s) - Bobo Brazil; Mario Galento; Great Mephisto

Professional Background - Mississippi(`78-`80), Memphis(`80), Knoxville(`80), Germany(`80), England(`81), Memphis(`82), Mid-South(`83-`84), WCCW(`84-`85), AWA(`85,`86), JCP/NWA(`85), WWF(`86-`88), WWF(`92-`93), Indies(`93-`95), WCW(`95), Indies(`96-`02)

AliasesSugar Bear Harris, Bad News Harris, Mississippi Mauler, Kimala

Groups - Devastation Inc., Paul Jones' Army, Dungeon of Doom

Peak Years - `82-`87

Finisher(s) - 

- Flying Splash

- Splash to Back

Favorites -

- Superkick

- Flying Chop

- Chest Claw

- Nerve Hold

- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Kamala "the Ugandan Giant/Warrior/Headhunter" is one of the great bizarre characters that only pro-wrestling could create. The man behind the gimmick, Jim Harris, was a simple Mississippi boy who was a decent athlete for someone of his size, but never really had the charisma to go anywhere. After getting much of his seasoning in Europe, where he claims to have first adopted a prototype of the character, Harris returned to Memphis. There, Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett gave birth to Kimala, who became a major heel for the next ten years. Typically Kamala would come with a manager/handler and get pushed right to the top after mainly squash matches. Harris had a knack for the part and it even encouraged him to get in touch with his own African heritage later in life. After runs in the major territories in the late 80s with all the major territories, Kamala sort of disappeared. He returned to both WWF and WCW in the post-territory days and truly enjoyed great success considering his abilities and so forth. Only a handful of wrestlers worked in all the places he did in the 80s and they're men who are generally regarded as the greatest of that time period.