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Juventud Guerrera


Real Name - Eduardo Aníbal González Hernández

Birthdate - 11/23/74

5’9” 170 lbs. - Mexico City, Mexico

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Fuerza Guerrera, Pepe Casas

Professional Background - AAA(`93-`96), ECW(`96), Promo Aztecas(`96-`98), WCW(`96-`00), IWA(`00), WWA(`01), XWF(`01), NOAH(`01), CMLL(`02-`03), XPW(`02-`03), IWRG(`02), AAA(`03), TNA(`03), MLW(`03), WWC(`04), WWE(`05-`06), AAA(`06-`08), Indies(`08-`09), NWE(`08-`09), AAA(`09), AAA(`12-)

AliasesHijo de Fuerza Guerrera, Fuerza Gimm, The Juice, Juventud

Groups - Filthy Animals, Team AAA/Team Mexico, Mexicools, Mexican Powers, Sexicools, D-Generation-Mex, Anarquía

Peak Years - `95-`99

Finisher(s) - 

- 450 Splash

- Juvi (Michinoku) Driver

- Super Juvi Driver

Favorites -

- Flying Huracanrana

- Tornado DDT

- Springboard Dropkick

- Juvi Lock (Torture Device)

- "Juicy" Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set8

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - When WCW was blowing up in the second half of the 1990s, they had a deep undercard filled with incredible talent of all styles.  The cruiserweight division was many things to many people - a showcase of the best talent in the world; highspots and big moves devoid of psychology; a colorful array of talent from around the world; “vanilla midgets” who would never get over on top.  For many luchadors, WCW’s cruiserweight division was an opportunity to make great money in the US and maybe make a name for themselves outside of Mexico.  Dozens came through, several stayed for a while, but only a select few got over and became bonafide stars in WCW.  Juventud Guerrera was already one of the most amazing highflyers in the world.  The son of Fuerza Guerrera, a well-established rudo, Juventud had been a great antagonist to Rey Misterio, Jr. in AAA.  In WCW, Juventud was going to get over as a dynamic flyer, but he understood the limitations that offered.  Juventud was the only luchador to learn English and even after losing his mask, he was not deterred.  Juventud Guerrera became a staple of WCW’s Cruiserweights and could have exciting matches with his luchador peers, WCW midcarders and young, green talent.  He even established an odd Rock-like persona, calling himself “The Juice” and cutting promos in broken English with his lisp further jumbling his words.  Juvi was one of the key beneficiaries of WCW’s Cruierweight division.  A drug-induced rampage in Australia brought his time there to an end, but he was able to became a hot free agent who worked everywhere over the next few years.  Although his post-WCW career is lacking, he stayed active, still performed well and has now been able to graduate into a veteran position.