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Jimmy Golden


Real Name - James Golden

Birthdate - 8/1/49

6'5" 256 lbs. - Knoxville, TN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Billy Golden, Pancho Villa, Frank Martinez, Lee Fields, Bobby Fields

Professional Background - Tri-State[Alabama](`68), GCCW(`68-`71), Knoxville(`71), Nashville(`72), Florida(`72), Australia(`72), Georgia(`73-`74), Nashville(`73-`75), SECW [Knoxville](`74-`80), GCCW(`75-`77), SECW[Gulf Coast](`78-`85), Memphis(`79), CCW(`85-`88), Memphis(`88), CWF(`88-`89), Indies(`89-`94), SMW(`92-`93), WCW(`94-`97), Indies(`98-)

AliasesThe Extinguisher, Bunkhouse Buck

Groups - Stud Stable (CCW), Stud Stable (USWA), Stud Stable (WCW)

Peak Years - `82-`88

Finisher(s) - 

- Piledriver

Favorites -

- Bodyslam

- Big Boot

- Eye Rake

- Toe Kick

- Overhead Forearm

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - James Golden has had two lives in pro-wrestling, the first under the name Jimmy Golden, typically as a dirtbag heel in promotions in Tennessee and Alabama; his second life was as Bunkhouse Buck in WCW when the company was on the rise. He was born into a rasslin' dynasty as the son of Billy Golden and Ruby Welch. Golden was a successful promoter in Montgomery, Alabama and Ruby was the daughter of Nashville co-promoter and Southern star Roy Welch and the sister of another great promoter/wrestler Buddy Fuller. It's no surprise Jimmy found his way into a wrestling ring before his twentieth birthday. He got started in Alabama, teaming with Ricky Gibson (older brother of Robert) and was a really promising star in the late 1960s. In the early 1970s, Golden toured around and learned his craft very well throughout the Southeast and even Australia. In his cousin Ron Fuller's SECW, Golden became a top notch talent and one of the real cornerstones of Alabama wrestling. Golden hit his peak in the mid-80s as an arrogant jock-type heel and showed potential to be a world class heel. However, Jimmy Golden, like many of his peers in the region, never left and his legacy is largely unknown outside his home base. In the mid-90s, Bunkhouse Buck was born in WCW. Robert Fuller had been a heel manager in the company as Colonel Robert Parker and he brought his long-time partner in as a new roughhouse charge of his. During a lengthy feud with Dustin Rhodes, Buck established himself as an excellent brawler. Amazingly, this was the first major national exposure of his career and he was in his mid-40s, so appropriately he formed teams with a 50-year old Terry Funk and later a championship team with 42-year old Dick Slater. Buck remained a mid-card guy during WCW's rise, but left during the glory days as he closed in on 50 years of age! Still working indies in the new millennium, Bunkhouse Buck (as he usually goes by now), is one of those regional stars who is a solid veteran who mastered a certain style and can still convincing do it after a thirty year plus career.