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Jerry Jarrett

Real Name - Jerry W. Jarrett
Birthdate - 9/4/42
5'7" 189 lbs. - Hendersonville, TN

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Tojo Yamamoto, Sailor Moran

Professional Background - Nashville(`56-`59), Nashville(`67-`77), Memphis/CWA(`75-`89), USWA(`89-`95), NWA-TNA/TNA(`02-`05)

AliasesHawaiian Flash

Groups - none

Peak Years - `69-`77

Finisher(s) - 
- Thesz Press

Favorites -
- Bodyslam
- Hip Toss
- Armdrag
- Elbow
- Haymaker

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - During his fifty years in the pro-wrestling business, Jerry Jarrett has managed to continuously be one of the most influential and successful individuals at several different levels.  His most significant contribution would be transforming the Tennessee scene and established "Memphis `rasslin" as one of the most distinct and longest running products in the US.  Jerry Jarrett’s story is very unique though from how he broke in to how he finally left fifty years later.  His mother, Christine, began working for the Nashville office and by the time he was a teenager, Jerry was running spot shows for Roy Welch and Nick Gulas.  The Jarretts began expanding and improving their operation.  Jarrett, despite his youth and limited life experiences, proved to be a natural booker and worker.  In the ring, he was undersized, however he was an exciting blond youngster that helped liven up the style. His partnership with long-time heel and actual trainer Tojo Yamamoto popped the territory. Jarrett eventually took over the Western end of the territory, specifically Memphis, which he grew into the stronger half largely with Jerry Lawler as his top heel.  His success was so impressive that Jarrett was invited to take over Atlanta for Jim Barnett. During his time there, Jarrett created Mr. Wrestling II, the state's biggest star.  Back in Memphis, Jarrett bought into the promotion and was poised to take over.  Disputes between he and Nick Gulas led to him breaking away, taking key talent and with support from powerful NWA allies like Eddie Graham and Buddy Fuller, Jarrett’s operation took off.  After battling with Gulas for a couple years, Jarrett finally won completely and established one of the most fondly remembered pro-wrestling territories.  Jerry Jarrett built a reputation as one of the greatest pro-wrestling minds ever by creating stars such as Jimmy Hart, the Fabulous Ones and many future WWF and WCW stars while recreating men like Jimmy Valiant, Tommy Rich and Austin Idol and influencing the booking minds of people like Bill Dundee, Eddie Gilbert and Jim Cornette. Memphis survived the onslaught of national expansion in a way no other territory was able to. Jarrett would even work with WWF and WCW at different points in time before selling the USWA to his partner, Jerry Lawler. After spending seven years away the business, Jarrett found backers and attempted to buy out WCW.  While that deal fell through, he developed a new model and financial backing to start NWA-TNA in 2002. Attempting to fill the void left by the deaths of WCW and ECW, this company utilized well-known stars, up-and-comers and legends of yesteryear to create an interesting product. The company went through many ups and downs in its first few years before his departure.  Although he is no longer in the business, Jarrett continues to appear in various documentaries, shoot interviews and does many interviews, where he proudly talks about his legendary career.  In his fifty years as a promoter, booker and wrestler, Jerry Jarrett established himself with hard work, innovative ideas and a few lucky breaks along the way. From a seven-year-old selling programs at the Hippodrome in Nashville to running weekly shows at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Jerry Jarrett's legacy in Tennessee wrestling is as important as that of Jerry Lawler's and Jackie Fargo's if not more so.