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Jerry Brisco


Real Name - Floyd Gerald Brisco
Birthdate - 1/24/50
6' 220 lbs. - Blackwell, OK

Athletic Background - Wrestling (Oklahoma State) 

Teacher(s) - The Funks, Jack Brisco 

Professional Background - Missouri(`68), Florida(`71), Mid-Atlantic(`72-`73), Amarillo(`76), Florida(`77-`81), Georgia(`79), WWC(`81-`82), Florida(`82), Mid-Atlantic(`82-`84), WWF(`84-`09)

Aliases - Gerald Brisco, Lord O'Beid

Groups - The Corporation, The Corporate Ministry

Peak Years - `71-`82

Finisher(s) - 
Figure-Four Leglock

Favorites - 
Shoulder Block

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The younger Brisco brother, who while never as slick as his world champion brother Jack was quite successful in his own right. Jerry was five years younger than Jack, who influenced him greatly. He followed him with some success in amateur wrestling, but dropped out of school to become a pro before reaching much collegiate success. He broke into wrestling in Missouri and had little in the way of formal training, but he was soon developed into a fine pro by his brother and the Funks. Jerry soon became a top challenger for Dory Jr.'s NWA title and was an immediately constant threat simply because of his brother's prestige. The two began teaming regularly as Jack Brisco slowed down after his own title run. The Brisco Brothers worked throughout the Southeast mainly in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico. Both in the ring and outside of it, Jack was the cool, calm and collected older brother and Jerry was the hothead younger brother. They were extremely successful, perhaps one of the greatest tag teams ever. They even enjoyed a heel run opposite Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood in the early 80s. Following that success, the Briscos shocked the wrestling world by joining Jim Barnett in signing their majority holdings of Georgia Championship Wrestling over to Vince McMahon Jr., which lead to "Black Saturday" when GCW's weekly show was replaced by WWF programming on WTBS and changed the face of pro-wrestling. Jerry Brisco stayed with McMahon and has remained an executive for since then. Jack retired soon after, but Jerry has continued perhaps making him the better known of the Brisco brothers. He can regularly be seen to this day making outlandish comments on documentaries and often making a fool of himself as a "stooge" on WWE programming.