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Bobby Jaggers (1948-2012)


Real Name - Robert Jeaudoin
Lifespan - 1/8/48 - 11/30/12
6’ 263 lbs. - Vancouver, WA

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Tito Montez, Kurt Von Steiger

Professional Background - Portland(`72), Arizona(`73), Kansas City(`73-`75), Nashville(`74), St. Louis(`74-`75), Amarillo(`75-`76), All Japan(`75), San Francisco(`75-`76), Tri-State(`76,`78), St. Louis(`77-`78), All-Star(Vancouver)(`79), Georgia(`79), Florida(`80-`82), SECW(Knoxville)(`80), ICW(`80), St. Louis(`80-`81,`83), Kansas City(`81), WWC(`82-`88), Portland(`84-`85), SWCW(`84-`85), JCP/NWA(`86-`88), Kansas City(`86-`87), Memphis(`87), Indies(`87-`91), Florida(`89)

AliasesBobby Mayne, Dr. Death

Groups - n/a

Peak Years - `77-`86

Finisher(s) - 
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Loaded Elbow

Favorites -
- Bodyslam
- Bionic Elbow
- Reverse Chinlock
- Snap Mare
- Driving Elbowdrop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - As the pro-wrestling world was on the cusp of changing completely, Bobby Jaggers was just coming into his own as a talent.  He was a unique combination of heel personas with his bleach blond hair, rough cowboy look and his rotund build.  While often dismissed as an infamous bullshitter in the locker room, “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers was an excellent heel who worked on top most places he went.  Following a dark period after serving in Vietnam, he stumbled into the business and toured around trying various personas in second-tier territories.  Bobby Jaggers turned into a rugged heel and within a few years he found himself in Florida, working on top opposite Dusty Rhodes and establishing “the Hangman” as a capable heel.  Jaggers was a very good talker who could bump and feed in the ring and bleed heavily.  The run allowed him to become a top heel in Puerto Rico and San Antonio.  Jaggers, a master of ring psychology, mentored several notable talents over the years like Barry Windham, David Von Erich and Dan Kroffat (Phil Lafon).  Many remember him best as half of the Kansas Jayhawks with fellow Vietnam vet Dutch Mantel, who enjoyed a run in Jim Crockett Promotions as an upper midcard act.  Bobby Jaggers followed up his career as a pro-wrestler by getting in construction and securing work with FEMA for the remainder of his life.  While he is seldom remembered as the excellent talent he was, Bobby Jaggers was able to have a successful career and find greater success after than most of his peers.  He is the type of person who would never get a second look today because of his doughy look and gimmicky persona, but Bobby Jaggers would undoubtedly get over.