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Jackie Fargo (1928-2013)


Real Name - Henry Faggart
Lifespan - 5/17/28 - 6/30/2013)
5'10" ??? lbs. - Concord, NC

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional BackgroundNashville(`54-`80), New York(`57), Georgia(`58), Chicago(`58), Gulf Coast(`61), Gulf Coast(`62), Gulf Coast(`72), Georgia(`73), Knoxville(`7?), Memphis(`80-`85), South[Gulas](`82)

Aliases - Wild Man Fargo, Honeyboy Fargo

Peak Years - `57-`72

Place in History - Jackie Fargo is one of the greatest regional stars that pro-wrestling ever saw.  He worked throughout the South in the 1940s and early 1950s with minimal success.  It was Toots Mondt who plucked him out of obscurity and booked him into New York.  He was a naturally charismatic performer who through great punches.  His early success came from partnering up with Don Fargo (then Don Stevens) and adopting a bleach blonde heel persona that was en vogue for top heels in the day.  The Fabulous Fargos were an instant success with their colorful outfit, top hats and over-the-top personalities.  Jackie also brought in his legitimate older brother Sonny, who would be the most notable of the dozen of other men who worked the Fargo gimmick.  Jackie and Don hit many of the biggest territories east of the Mississippi and worked with many of the top teams of the day like Argentina Rocca & Miguel Perez, the Corsicans, the Lisowskis, the Fields Brothers and the Bastiens.  Following that team, Fargo settled in Nashville and worked for Nick Gulas for the next two decades.  He traveled out on occasion, but became the top star in Nashville and could legitimately draw in that territory into his fifties.  In 1961, Jackie Fargo saved Len Rossi from Dante & Mephisto and effectively turned babyface.  Throughout the sixties, Fargo and Rossi were on top opposite a who's who list of Southern heels.  The "Fargo Strut" became renowned and its master were going strong as he entered his forties.  In the 1970s, Fargo took on a different role as a mentor to a number of up-and-coming talents, most notably Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler and George Gulas.  He continued to be a key player despite his age and when Jerry Jarrett and Nick Gulas split in 1977, Fargo went with Gulas.  When Gulas eventually failed, Fargo joined Jarrett and most notably endorsed the "Fabulous Ones."  Jackie Fargo continued to make appearances in Memphis and subsequent Tennessee-area promotions, including NWA-TNA.  He is still an over-the-top personality as is evident in the various interviews he has done.  While many associate figures like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Jerry Jarrett with Tennessee rasslin', men like Jackie Fargo made it possible.