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Jack Brisco (1941-2010)


Real Name
 - Freddie Joe Brisco
Lifespan - 9/21/1941 - 2/1/2010
6' 234 lbs. - Blackwell, OK

Athletic Background - Wrestling [Oklahoma State - `65 NCAA Champion]; Football [High School]

Teacher(s) - Treach Phillips

Professional Background -Tri-State(`65-`68), Florida(`68-`69), Japan(`69), Australia(`69), St.Louis(`7?-`81), Memphis(`76), NWA(`73-`75), Mid-Atlantic(`71-`84), Florida(`77-`78), Georgia(`79), Florida(`80-`82), WWC(`81), Mid-Atlantic(`82-`83), WWF(`84) 

Aliases - Ulvade Slim

Groups - none

Peak Years - `69-`76

Figure-Four Leglock 
- Airplane Spin

- European Backbreaker 
- Russian Legsweep 
- Dropkick 
- Elbow 
- Punch

Ringwork Rating

 Counters 10

Intangibles Rating


Place in History - Often regarded as one of the all-time greats, Jack Brisco followed a line of great amateurs into pro-wrestling. His two idols were aptly two legends. First was his fellow Oklahoman and perhaps the best amateur of the first half of the 20th century Danny Hodge, who was also an NCAA Champion. The other was Lou Thesz, who despite no real amateur credientials, was as well respected as anyone and the world champion when Brisco was growing up. Jack Brisco took a little bit from both and developed his own brand of world champion in the 1970s. Playing the clean-cut, young babyface who used technique to defeat some of the best or at least take them the distance. Brisco was just a prodigy, who picked up the tricks of wrestling quick and became a big name because of it. After dropping the belt to Terry Funk, Jack was a frequent challenger when the champion returned to Florida, but never regained it. While he was not a champion the caliber of the Funks, Race or Flair, Brisco was the last straight babyface champ until Ricky Steamboat's reign in `89. The changing of guard left him out in the dark and while Jack Brisco did many great things after his championship days, he is still best remembered for the two plus years he spent as NWA World Champion.