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Ivan Koloff (1942-2017)


Real Name - Oreal Perras
Birthdate - 8/25/1942 - 2/18/2017
5'10" 265 lbs. - Montreal, Quebec

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Jack Wentworth, Al Stone

Professional Background - Toronto(`60-), Portland, Montreal(`67-), WWWF(`68-`69), Australia(`70), WWWF(`71), AWA(`71-`73), IWE(`73), Mid-Atlantic(`74-`75), IWA(`75), California(`75), Indianapolis(`77), Florida(`77-`78), WWWF(`78-`79), Georgia(`79-`80), Florida(`80), Mid-Atlantic(`80-`83), Georgia(`83), WWF(`83), Mid-Atlantic(`83-`84), Toronto(`84), SECW[Alabama](`85), JCP/NWA(`85-`88), WWC(`89), SMW(`92)

Aliases - Orwell Parris, Jim Parris, Red McNulty

Groups - The Russians, Paul Jones' Army

Peak Years - `68-`81

Finisher(s) - 
- Flying Kneedrop
- Bearhug
- Russian Sickle (Lariat)

Favorites -
- Cobra Clutch
- Backbreaker
- Loaded Knee
- Back Elbow
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - A French Canadian worker who was struggling to break out, when the character of Russian powerlifter Ivan Koloff was put together for him, he became an instant superstar. During the hot times of the Cold War, Koloff was just the perfect guy to push as a top heel. Hovering around three-hundred and every bit the powerhouse they needed him to be, Koloff was still only in his twenties, but he looked every bit of a grizzled Soviet athlete. He became the man who defeated Bruno and ended the reign, a feat no other heel had done. It made his career, but it did not stop after Pedro Morales beat him. Koloff continually returned to the Northeast for the next decade and continued to be the big bumping heel who was really one of the premier workers of that time, especially in the Northeast. But as age and the bumps began catching up with Ivan, he realized he needed a change, so he shed around fifty pounds and headed for the Southeast. He extended himself another five years and continued to be the worker he had been and was paired with several young "Russians" who he helped get over, most notably Nikita Koloff, who became a major star for the Crocketts. One of the major draws and stars of the 70s and a strong player for much of the 80s, Ivan Koloff's gimmick was second only to his tremendous ability that made him one of the best workers of his era.