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The Interns

Jim Starr

Real Name - Jim Starr
Birthdate - ???
??? - Los Angeles, CA
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - Gene LaBelle
Professional background - Los Angeles, Portland(`65), Vancouver(`66-`68), Toronto(`66), Stampede(`66), Portland(`67), St. Louis(`67), San Francisco(`67), AWA(`68), Amarillo(`68), Georgia(`68), Portland(`69), Mid-Atlantic(`71), San Francisco(`71-`72), Memphis(`78), Kansas City(`83-`84)
Aliases - Jungle Jim Starr, 666

Billy Garrett (1938-2002)

Real Name - William Garrett?
Lifespan - ?/?/1938 - 7/3/2002
??? - ???
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Mid-Atlantic(`62), St. Louis(`62), Georgia(`63-`66), Mid-Atlantic(`67), St. Louis(`67), Georgia(`68), Amarillo(`68); Georgia(`71), Nashville(`72-`73)
Aliases - Cousin Willie, Willy Garrett

Tom Andrews

Real Name - Thomas Andersen
Birthdate - 6/20/37
??? - Salt Lake City, UT
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Stampede(`66), AWA(`66), Los Angeles(`67), Portland(`67-`70), San Francisco(`67-`70), Vancouver(`68), Hawaii(`69), Dallas(`69), Vancouver(`70), AWA(`70-`71), Nashville(`71), Kansas City(`74,`76-`84), St. Louis(`78-`82)
Aliases - The Scorpion, The Masked Rebel, The Claw, Super Intern

Professional Background (as a team) - Florida(`66-`6?), Tulsa(`6?-`68), Georgia(`68), Florida(`68-`69), Nashville(`70-`75), Kansas City(`74-`75), Memphis(`78)

Aliases - The Red Raiders, The Masked Medics, The Mysterious Medics, The Masked Interns

Peak Years - `68-`74

Place in HistoryIn pro-wrestling, many people have borrowed a name, persona or style from someone who came before and become synonymous with what they took from another. The Mysterious Medics had been a successful team throughout the south in the 1960s. The gimmick was simple - they were masked men in scrubs who committed despicable acts on top babyfaces. In 1966, veteran Dick Dunn teamed with an up-and-coming Jim Starr to form a new Medics team. Dunn was soon replaced by Billy Garrett, who Starr had already teamed with previously as the Masked Marvels. What set this new Medics team apart from the predecessor was their legendary manager Dr. Ken Ramey. A former disc jockey and referee, Ramey was paired with Starr and Garrett in Georgia and he became a fixture with the team. After a successful run in Florida, the Medics headed to Nashville, where they were redubbed "The Interns." They set Nick Gulas' territory on fire, but when the money was not coming in, Garrett headed home. He was replaced by veteran Tom Andrews in 1971 and the Interns took their game to an even higher level as this third incarnation. Working on top in Tennessee, Alabama and Missouri, the Interns were masters of generating so much heat that they almost went too far from time to time. Ramey would knock out babyfaces with rags soaked in strong solutions or his charges would cheat in some other way that incensed fans. They were also unique in that they were really always a three-man unit since Ramey never managed anyone else. The formula worked into the mid-70s, but by then both men were aging. Both had singles runs under other identities, but the legacy of the Interns could never be surpassed. Dr. Ken Ramey and his two masked men, no matter which pairing they were or what name they went by, are arguably the greatest southern heel tag team that ever existed. They are certainly in the same league as that other legendary masked team, the Assassins, whose major ran paralleled the Interns. Pro-wrestling has seen many sinister masked men, many devious managers and even many wrestlers bragging medical credentials, but Ramey and his Interns put this package together and became a legendary unit.