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The Infernos


Frankie Cain

Real Name - Frankie Cain
Lifespan - n/a
5'8" 210 lbs. - Columbus, OH
Athletic background -
Boxing, Wrestling
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Nashville(`63-`69), Arizona(`64), Toronto(`64), Florida(`66-`68), Amarillo(`68), Nashville(`70), Gulf Coast(`70), Florida(`70-`72), Kansas City(`71), Tri-State(`71), San Francisco(`73), Florida(`73), Houston(`73-`74), Australia(`74-`75), Mississippi(`76-`80), Florida(`77), Memphis(`77), Georgia(`80), All Japan(`80)
Aliases - Frankie Caine, Inferno #1, Mephisto, Mr. Smith, The Great Mephisto

Rocky Smith

Real Name - Jimmy Smith
Lifespan -
?/?/34 - ?/?/76
6' 242 lbs. - Dyersburg, TN
Athletic background - Wrestling (Air Force)
Teachers - Charlie Carr
Professional background - n/a
Aliases - n/a

Curtis Smith

Real Name - Curtis Smith
Lifespan - ?/?/??

6'1" 238 lbs. - Dyersburg, TN

Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a
Professional background - Nashville(`69), GCCW(`69-`71), GCCW(`72-`73), Georgia(`73), GCCW(`74), GCCW(`75), GCCW(`76), Nashville(`77), GCCW(`77)
Aliases - Blue Yankee #1, Big Blue Yankee, The "original" Blue Yankee, The Spoiler, Inferno #2, Super Inferno #1, The Mighty Yankee, Mighty Yankee #1, The Challenger #1, The Executioner

Professional Background (as a team) - Nashville(`65), Florida(`66-`68), Georgia(`67), Carolinas(`67-`68), Memphis, Amarillo(`68-`69), Florida(`70-`71), New Japan(`72), Georgia(`72-`73), Nashville(`74), New Japan(`76)

Aliases - The Masked Infernos

Peak Years`65-`69

Place in History - One of the greatest masked tag teams of all-time, the Infernos were the brainchild of journeyman wrestler Frankie Cain and used some fairly simple gimmicks to draw massive heat in the South.  Cain partnered up with Rocky Smith, who was himself an established hand by that time, as well as local referee Jimmy Dykes. They used loaded boots, loaded masks and, most infamously, fireballs to devastate their opposition. Dykes became one of the premier managers of the era, who excelled at drawing heat as an underhanded schemer at ringside. He frequently carried a water canteen for an easy weapon to pass to his charges and was excellent at bringing heat to the match and not just himself. The Infernos and J.C. Dykes toured the South widely and always found success. Their feuds with George Becker & Johnny Weaver, Eddie Graham & Jose Lothario and the Funk Brothers were major programs in three of the top territories in the late 1960s.  An exhaustive schedule required a hiatus and the original three never again worked together. Frankie Cain was replaced by Rocky's younger brother Curtis. Curtis Smith had been successful as the masked Blue Yankee and worked in several quality heel teams in the Gulf Coast territory. The Smith brothers under the Inferno guise enjoyed a few years working Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Rocky Smith retired and died from heart failure in 1976. Dykes retired in 1976 following a car accident that killed several Tennessee wrestlers. Curtis teamed with Doug Gilbert in Georgia as the Super Infernos before revisiting his own Blue Yankee persona in the Gulf Coast region as the Mighty Yankee. Frankie Cain went on to his greatest notoriety as the Great Mephisto in the 1970s. The Infernos were a widely influential tag team due to their variety of heel tactics that gave them tag titles in numerous territories in a relatively short span of time.